Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well I showed her...

Remember the post I did where I told the Universe to where to get off. Well, note to self, don't mess with the Universe...

... I have a sore throat (concert week ... sweet) and our new upstairs neighbours are really, really, really noisy fuck.ers. We live in an old building so the walls and floors are thick. In all the time we have lived here there has never been a noise issue from neighbours, until now. They moved in on Tuesday and played heavy bass music till 11pm. At 1230am last night they were yelling out of windows about eating people's souls and playing the kind of club music invented by audio sadists. it would be funny if I wasn't so sleep deprived.

Anyhoo, back to the cycle.

Anyone been on Lovenox? I think I shall be on it after the transfer. It's a blood thinner, right? I have heard all sorts of nasty stories about it so any real life experiences would be most welcome.

The ER should be 12th (DH birthday is 11th). We plan to celebrate by putting our Christmas tree up. We have such a lovely ritual. Go buy tree from mafiosi tree folks. Get the wooden treasure chest out that has all our decorations. Put sappy Christmas movie or music on, make huge pot of tea and fight over what goes where.

We are close, so close. December 12th, 13th, 14th (Dr J does 3 day transfers). In theory, we are 10 days away from transfer. Wow.


  1. I've been injecting Clexane (same as Lovenox) since the day before transfer. It stings a bit going in, and I'm starting to bruise a little bit but otherwise I've not had any ill effects.

    As it's a blood thinner, you should be having weekly full blood counts to make sure your platelet levels don't change dramatically.

    I'm not sure if this helps you any!

  2. Your DH and me? Same birthday. w00t! Give it up for those who rock! I mean, not loudly or anything to wake you up kind of rocking...but um we do (raises fist in air). 10 day away. Yipes!

  3. Oh there is nothing worse than noisey neighbors. Hopefully they were just celebrating their move and they will quiet down now that they are settled in. At least you have thick floors and walls. I once lived in a shit hole where you could actually hear the people above roll over in the bed, sneeze and flush the toilet -not to mention everything else! Wow - 10 days away - you, my dear, are VERY close as well!!

  4. Ohhhh, I LOVE your Christmas ritual! It's what I've suggested to my DH each year (substituting hot cocoa for tea), but he's not into it. He's not big on the Christmas music and ornaments hold his interest for about 3 minutes. So I hope you have a wonderful time!

    As for the neighbor issue - unwanted noise is one of my biggest pet peeves, surpassed only by inconsiderate neighbors. So noisy neighbors would put me over the edge. Can you leave an anonymous note? Is there building management to complain to? Maybe play some very loud opera at 6 am. If all else fails, you might have to just kill them.

  5. Grrrr noisy neighbours and sore throat!
    Wagging out for the tree-trimming and transfer!
    Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the season! Hope you're feeling better in time for the concert and that those mafioso tree people can help you out with your noise problem! ;-)

  6. Wow -- I hope you're feeling better. I hope your neighbors sleep (or vacation some where far away) for the rest of the month. And the upcoming transfer, well, you know, hope is not a strong enough word for what I feel about that. With love,

  7. Throat-coat tea! Available at most grocery stores - look for the ingredient slippery elm. Kinda nasty, but if you have no voice it is a miracle worker!

    Neighbors sound terrible, I think you should start warming up (really boring warmups vey early in the morning after they do their late-night antics. hahaha. Of course then everyone in the bldg will hate you too...

    Oh well, best of luck!

  8. I was actually overdosed on lovenox on my last cycle but was unaware at the time. I found that it stings a bit about 5 minutes after you inject it (I would slap at the site) and left some horrific bruises. That said, it was suprisingly easy to inject which was a big plus compared to PIO