Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are we there yet

I am frakkin knackered!! Couldn't sleep last night (which usually is a stress level indicator for me i.e. stress is too high) so the 7 days bed rest that Dr J is ordering after transfer looks really good from here. I have three huge books to read, about 500 hours of British TV recorded and a Brahms score to learn. Is 7 days enough I ask??? It also means my Christmas vacation is extended by 7 days. yeeehhhhaaaaa. Still. All the waiting and trying to be patient is a bit trying, isn't it.

Choir rehearsal last night. The last one before the concert. As usual there is a piece that I just fake!!! Open my mouth, make the right vowel sound but just don't sing the notes!!!! Every concert there is a some piece of music that just wont go in. It was lovely to see my RL friends again tho. I realised it has been weeks since I have had any fun - just DrJ stuff, travel and work. And they are all so lovely. They would fit right in to our world.

I am standing in between two dreadful warblers. Most of the music asks for straight tone - for us to sing like choirboys. These two women vibrato so much I am afraid they will cause structural damage to the church!! We are a chorus really, not a choir. The difference being that a Chorus is a non religious group that sings for audiences and a choir is a designated 'voice' of the church that sings for congregations. That having been said there are moments when the sound is just right and the light through the church windows shines in a certain way that it is hard not to feel inspired.
If you are around Friday at 8pm or Sat at 3pm Grace Church Choir (10th and Broadway) please drop in - I'll be the one in black faking it ;-) Well, I say drop in, but you really should buy a ticket before coz we are nearly sold out (1000 people!)

I am trying not to concentrate on the time - two weeks to transfer, more or less. Its like having two Christmas's in one month!!


  1. Hey thanks for the choral update! I am so glad you have that outlet, it is just great when everything is "on", isn't it?! And it is nice to have people who relate to you in a totally different way than at work. Hope it goes great this weekend!

  2. sounds beautiful.....wish i was going to the city to see it. and i am excited that you will have 7 glorious days of rest!

  3. You sound like you are bubbling with excitement - I know some of it is the stressy kind, but still, you sound good. And I am SOOOO jealous of your bed rest! Break a leg on Friday and Saturday!

  4. Ohhh, your 7 day rest and holiday extension sound SO good! And to think, only 2 weeks to transfer! I hope you get your Christmas wish. The choral sounds amazing. Who cares if you fake a bit of it. I'm just hugely impressed with the fact that you have the pipes to sing in such an event - 1000 people?! Excellent. Enjoy these next few weeks and above all, stay positive!

  5. Oooooooo I wish I could buy a ticket and drop in, but alas my walking shoes won't make it the 3,000 miles. Glad that you have a plan of relaxing after the transfer, it sounds like a little slice of heaven. Also I swear that when this one works, I'm making maternity t-shirts that say, "I am frakkin knackered!!" coz I would totally wear it.