Saturday, December 26, 2009

How much!

I am in full panic mode....

I just weighed myself. 6 pounds up. Holy crap! I know its Christmas but ... HOLY CRAP! The nurse warned me about the pills I was on. She said they will create havoc with weight gain and because of that I haven't really gone wild on the eat anything front. I guess its back to the watchful approach. When I was on bed rest I only went up by less than a pound so its just over the past week that this has happened. I was told to watch the sodium and sugar intake, I shall have to do better.

I sound like a skinny new yorker but I have the opposite problem. I can only gain up to 20 pounds throughout the pregnancy according to Dr J's chart in the waiting room. I shall ask her about the steroid I am on since that would seem to be the main culprit. 6 frikkin pounds. WTF!!

The nurse came yesterday to give me my shots. She told me that my second beta looked fine (she couldn't remember the number!!) but my progesterone was low. As soon as she said that I started mentally preparing for the worst. IF protection mode kicking in. Anyone out there got any anecdotes to share that might put my mind at ease?


  1. Oh hon, think calming thoughts, I'm sure you will be ok. Remember they are monitoring you carefully (and this clinic seems to be really on the ball!) so I'm sure they will get those levels back in line.

    Try not to obsess too much about weight (hilarious that *I* should tell you this) but eating healthfully for that baby(ies) is the most important thing right now. I know you know this. Take care, don't do too much and keep that lovely zen thing going through the holidays!

  2. smooth sailing on having your new baby.
    You are amazing.
    Cool post.
    Welcome, mom to be!

  3. Progesterone can fluctuate to a degree but I would really love to know what your betas have been - and the dates they were taken. If just for a journal and charting purposes for you.

  4. Basically, it can mean something, or it can mean nothing. Just keep taking it, and ask for as many ultrasounds and blood tests as they will give you.

  5. Can you find out what is your beta and your progesterone?
    I hope hope hope that you can feel calm about it and not scare too much - but of course it's easy to say that. Did she tell you to add any progesterone to make up for the low number? Sorry, I don't mean to micromanage you.
    I am sorry about the weight gain - that sucks - it's hard to not put on weight when you're on meds that do that anyway!
    I'm hoping like crazy that your little babe is doing well in there and settling in for the long haul. big hugs!

  6. HOLY CRAP mama! you're pregnant?! WOWWWW! one thousand congratulations! (I have a lot of catching up to do...)

  7. Don't worry sweetie. The stuff I was on made me gain about 5-6 pounds right away and then during the next few weeks I peed it all out over time. Sooooooooooo bloated. Just do the right things, stay healthy and you will be doing the best for your little one. In the end at 13 weeks I was 4 lbs over my original weight before IVF #2. And I'm not a skinny girl either.