Tuesday, December 15, 2009

here's hoping.

This transfer was probably the most nice experience I've had in a while. I had acupuncture before and after and the chair they did the transfer in was so comfy! I even got a mild sedative.

Before the transfer we had a long chat about the best way to go forward.

a) We could transfer 2 which is routine.
b) Or 4 which is aggressive.
c) Or 6 which was seen as very aggressive.

We had 5 top embies (and 11 very good) but there would be a high chance of multiples. We don't want more than 2 but we do want... so we went for 5 and agreed to a reduction if there are any more than 2. That was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. They couldn't really help out with the decision because it would be unethical and of course if I turn into octomom then the decision is still up to me/us at the time of reduction.

We froze 11 embies. 11 good to very good 5 day blasts.

So guys, I am officially PUPO

And so very happy today.

Thanks for all your support guys.


  1. Wow!! Incredible. Looks like DH's swimmers came through afterall. Here's hoping for twins now, and then maybe a new sibling every 2 years for a while! Enjoy your rest EB!

  2. OMG. THat sounds so awesome (and promising)! I wish you all the best!

  3. Holy Cow!!! That is phenomenal! 5 in your belly and 11 in the freezer! AND you had a pleasant experience! This is the best thing you could have done! Kudos to you on your decision-making and perserverance. I know it was a really hard decision to go with 5, but I probably would have made the same one in your position - it's time to really increase the odds, yes? Yes. I cannot WAIT until your pg test!!!! NOW YOU LIE DOWN AND REST, LADY! :-)

  4. oh I am so happy that you had a good experience! and that you had so many embies make it to transfer and freeze....sounds like all of them made it? Fingers crossed that 2 of those embies stick tight!!

  5. OMG you go girl!!!! All I could think of was singing 5 GOLDEN BABES! as a christmas song. Hoping and wishing and praying that the universe will grant you all the best. Woooooo hoooooo!

  6. Fantastic transfer! Woo Hoo! I'm so happy for you! Holding my breath until your Beta!!! enjoy your week off your feet. xxoo

  7. Holy smokes! I've never heard of transferring 5 donor embryos. Uh, yeah - you've all but assured a BFP. Waiting anxiously for that beta right along with you! :) Big happy thoughts!

  8. I made the same decision with my last transfer. After so many failures, reducing seemed a better option than another BFN. Thank goodness there was just one heartbeat at that 1st u/s. I'm typing this one handed, since that sticky embie is currently attached to my boob.

    Hoping for the same for you in 9 months!

  9. I was thinking about you all day! I'm thrilled to hear how you had a good experience and - WOW - how many fantastic embies you ended up with! I'm sure it was a difficult decision to go with the 5, but I'm so excited to think you have a REAL possibility of ending up with TWINS! Enjoy this time. At the moment you are more knocked up than anybody I know! You've got all my prayers, wishes, good thoughts and crossed fingers. Now go lie down and start your lovely 7-day rest.

  10. Wow, so exciting! Good luck and rest up! Fingers crossed for you!


  11. Yay Yay Yay and YAY!!!!!! This is just fabulous awesome exciting news. Oh I am so happy for you. I have goosebumps. I knew this would be it. I knew it!!!! And yeah, you probably will have multiples, glad you were aggressive in your transfer and took the best right off the bat. Please have the CVS. Would love to tell you about it if you have questions. speclk2 at hotmail dot com. Thinking of you. With many smiles!!!

  12. Oh, and my last word verification was.... SUPUR! Yes, that's exactly what this news is.