Sunday, December 13, 2009

oh oh here come PIO madness ...

I get crazy on Lupr.on for sure. But I become a total bitch on wheels when it comes to PIO. I have no idea why. But yesterday was the start.

In the morning I had my cervix opened by Dr J who gave me another shot of 'local anaesthetic ' so I was really woozy. Glad she did that coz the whole opening of the cervix thing ... hurt. Why did she open my cervix yesterday? no idea - I don't ask.

DH gave me preview of how totally unprepared he his for all this. He was speaking about going on an assignment that would basically use up all his time off (maybe leave one week). That would mean that he would have maybe a week when Jnr arrives then he would have to go back to work!! Ah no, I think not.

5 DAY TRANSFER - I have never been able to write that.

I have never had a 5 day transfer. I am so totally psyched. I read that it increases chances of successful etc.
Dr J wants me to lay flat for 7 days. Not sit in a chair quietly. Lay flat. Its total overkill but I don't care. I ordered comfy flannel sweatpants from Ga.p and have lined up tons of lovely soups and dvds. I got my mince pies in last night (a dozen, well there was, now there is only 10!!) and little bits of Christmas chocolate.
I have decided to do 'jobs' in the am - write cards, order presents, organize our ivf stuff from Cornell.l for tax (hahahahaha). I shall read in the afternoon and watch dvd's in the evening. DH is concerned. He has never seen me sit still for more than 2 days, even with pneumonia. But this isn't about me. Its about them. The little one trying to find a place to implant. Right?


  1. I am so excited and hopeful for this cycle! My internet has been "quirky" so I haven't been able to comment, but know I'm with you every step of the way. I love the laying down rule. I feel like laying down for 7 days right now. Two more days!

  2. The ONLY thing that gets you through it is knowing that you're following strict orders to maximize implantation. I feel so confident you'll get a BFP!

  3. Ouch - cervix opening sounds incredibly painful. Wonder what the reason was for that? Well, it seems you and I go back and forth in our posts between ranting complaints followed by apologies, so I completely understand your aggravation at your DH's thoughtless decision about taking an assignment. I love your 7-day Plan. It sounds perfect. Did I ever tell you that when I was under orders to lie flat for 3 days following my transfer I had to do it out of town, in a hotel room with my DH, while he drank beer, got drunk and bored, ordered himself room service at 10 pm and whined about everything? Your Plan sounds like heaven! And I'm excited as hell about your 5-day transfer.

  4. wow, 5 day transfer! so very excited for you. and good for you for preparing for your 7 days flat :) I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Oh, your 7 days sound like HEAVEN! And very well-organized, I must say! I love the schedule you've designed. Yes, this is about little embies snuggling in and that's all there is to it. Yay for a 5-day transfer - I am so totally excited for you!!!

  6. This is so exciting! I'm feeling good about this one. Even if for some reason it didn't work, Dr. J seems to be covering a lot of bases. Way to go! Perhaps a little holiday miracle for the new year!


  7. Sending good wishes! Enjoy that lying flat and movie watching.

  8. Congrats on the five day transfer!! I had my very first one this time, too. That is FABULOUS news!