Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 5 (DH don't read, pressie spoiler)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I laughed my ass off at your comments. OH THANK YOU dearest friends. Yes, too early indeed. I shall not test until Tuesday. I can't get a EPT test without asking my DH to get it for me and he would say no. He is true believer in letting things follow the flow of things - or denial. I have my beta on Christmas Eve (or maybe Wednesday coz the clinic is thinking of shutting one day early) I have therapy on Monday so I shall pick up a test on my way back home. I might test Monday or wait till first flush on Tue.

Thanks again guys. I am hanging between thinking '5!' (as in, great chances) and 5! (as in, and it still might not work). Totally normal for the 2ww (or 8/9 day wait for me) but an odd place all the same. It doesn't matter what the protocol or what the breakthrough, we all seem to end up here. Hoping, afraid, excited and demented. Maybe I can find my inner zen and just not test? What were some of the early early signs you noticed when you got preggers?

In between the laying around and getting my arse kicked by the best Internet sisters a women could want, I am wrapping my DH stocking presents. So far we have star wars Christmas collectibles (dh is a geek) a pen shaped like a finger that either makes farting noises or has a recording of someone saying - pull my finger, racing grannies, a backscratcher, odd nuts and an orange (of course) and .... a reindeer that poops chocolate bits ( a personal fave). Ho ho he he he ho ho ho


  1. I have actually posted about the total crap dollar store sticks and how you basically have to be in labor to get two lines - and your old (whether expired or not) chemistry set kit makes me just as skeptical. Never mind that I was, of course, exaggerating to believe you'd see a BFP just after sitting up from the transfer of 5. Unless 5 actually took - and you'd better hope not - you'll be showing a BFP at the same crazy ass time others have - with that huge window and color density. You'll be subjected to the same craziness and anxiety. ;)

    Now...may I ask? Just out of curiosity, why is it you've said a couple of times that you cannot get an HPT without your husband getting it for you. Sounds like, maybe, you don't drive?

    Not that I want you to buy one or take it prior to beta (hey, that's my insane obsession) but I was just wondering.

  2. I think Monday will be POAS day for me, so maybe we can do it together! Virtually that is - not in the same bathroom or anything! I love the stocking stuffers - my husband would love all of them. Now, I'm thinking I need to go out in search of such crazy items. And I love the orange - I always had an orange in my stocking growing up -what's the deal with that!

  3. You are totally inspiring me with the stocking stuffers! I actually mentioned NOT putting up socks this year and Mr Momma had a fit. He said, I'll stuff them myself! So I did mention that I'd be way more into the sock thing if he DID stuff at least MY sock - how depressing it is to have little presents in Ds sock and Mr's sock and my poor sock is all limp and sad. But I refuse to stuff my own sock. That's what my mom used to do!

    Love your plan to POAS. If I'm not mistaken, you are doing strict bedrest for a full week, hence the difficulty getting a stick. Enforced waiting is probably good at this point though! Last time I had a BFP I was so busy I just FORGOT to get sticks, I'd think of it in the morning, but pathetically never bought any until after the beta. But hopefully you'll still be in your serene blissful state, so you can remember the sticks!

  4. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  5. So glad to hear that you are being forced to wait for a test. Don't you know by now that the point you are at is exactly where all of the IF's begin to loose their mind?! We test, we obsess, we test and obsess again! Relax and enjoy PUPO! Take in the joy of the holidays and perhaps all of the snow that the forecasters are calling for! Fingers crossed for you!


  6. I am glad that you can work on your patience for the test. You are PUPO, enjoy it, live it, rock it. Your stocking ideas sound like a lot of fun. I thought about stockings this year, but next year for sure. All I felt were little digging twingies in the ole ute on day 2 and 3 post transfer.

  7. Tuesday or Wednesday sound just fine for testing. I think I even hear your tail wagging! It's a good sign.

    Oh....I LOVE your stocking stuffers! I have to admit I'm partial to the finger pen. What a hoot.

    So good - you're doing fun things. Watch some classic Christmas movies and settle in. It'll only be a few more days!