Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 6 or is it?

When does the dpt begin? I read on one website it was the next day (i.e. transfer day = 0). So today could be 5 or could be 6.

Anyhow, I am worried (no, really Eb, you worried, what a shocker) coz I don't have any symptoms. My boobs don't hurt. At all. Everyone talks about boobage issues. My back hurts but I have been laying around for EVER. I am worried. Fuck me, 5x5 better fucking work. I mean c'mon!! I transferred one less than Octomom. ONE LESS THAN OCTOMOM (who, by the way, I really dislike right about now).

I still have hope but now I guess I am in full 2ww crazy swing. Sitting around for days isn't helping really. I know its better to have a consistent core temperature but hell, do I really have to lay flat for a week! I will be one really pissed of infertile if this doesn't work and I have missed all the fun this time of year.

I am reading your comments a few times a day. They keep me going. All the sound advice and ass kicking. It helps to rebalance my mind and emotions.

One thing I have noticed is that every so often something will make me cry. A Frank Sinatra song (!!) I heard on the radio, a thank you note. I blub then its over. Must be the pills but I will pretend its my HCG levels shooting up.


  1. First, breathe breathe out.

    And again.

    Second, backache and emotionalness = total symptoms.

    Third, some pregnant women have NO symptoms EVER.

    I would be going crazy, too, but you're doing great and you're more than halfway there, right? You need SERIOUS diversion - can DH give you any early Christmas gifts to keep you busy? A book you can't put down, or some sort of crafty, knitty thing would be good, if you do that sort of thing...something, anything to put your energy into - it must be really tough having to stay put for so long, but hang in there. We are all here, thinking of you and cheering you on!!!


  2. I totally understand your craziness. This is such a hard time. I really don't think you can put much stock in symptoms. I have had major symptoms before and no pregnancy...the one time I was pregnant I had no symptoms at all until a day or so after the positive test. (If you watch TLC apparently some women have no idea they are pregnant until they go to the bathroom and a baby pops out.)

    I think you just have to wait...which is hard. I have an incredible amount of hope for you!!!

  3. Transfer is day zero. And my boobs never really hurt. In fact I didn't really have any major symptoms until the nausea hit me like a truck. Which was oh, 30 days or so into it. So there.

  4. I had zero symptoms - you can go and check my older posts. Nothing, nada! And I had a strong beta.

    My clinic advises laying flat for 2 days (including transfer day) and even that seemed excessive to me, so you can imagine how excessive all the days you've been flat seem. But I know how you feel - that you'll take no chances and I can't blame you.

  5. It's really too bad taht in addition to bedrest, one can't also be in suspended animation the whole time. Everyt two week wait I've ever been through has been utter hell.
    have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? It's completely entrancing, might just hold your attention.

  6. I had sore boobs, but I think it was due to the massively enlarged ovaries, the extra shots and progesterone. As soon as I was off most of that stuff, the soreness diminished greatly. Each person is different. Hang in there kiddo, you'll make it and I've got a feeling 5x5 will work.

  7. D day is almost here, so just hang in there for a few more days. Keep thinking positively and I will do the same for you EB!

  8. I had sore boobs way before the transfer due to either estrogen or progesterone meds, but absolutely nothing else noticeable after the transfer. And certainly nothing during the 2ww. So put that aside. There really is no way to know until proven. I know the mind games can take their toll....hang in there! Just a couple more days. Visualize those embies nestling deep into the warm lining. Put your hands on your belly and talk to them. Sleep. Blog. And we'll try to rush the next 2 days by...just for you!

  9. Hi EB -- thinking of you. I had no symptoms besides sort of kind of believing it had worked and sort of, maybe, slightly bigger and vein-er boobs. I'm pale, and small chested, so, you know. Basically, I had no symptoms. I'm so hopeful for you. Take care and hang in there. Love to you,