Monday, December 14, 2009

Twas the night before transfer....

I did a bit of Christmas shopping this afternoon and then came home to take the drugs outlined in my pre-transfer sheet. Lots of estrogen, progesterone, antibiotic etc etc. High dosages and they have knocked my socks off. I sat down at 4 and woke up at 5! I have a support group tonight which I am really looking forward to but I think I need a cup of real tea to get through it.

So here we are. I think, although I am not sure, we still have 16 embies. I would be very surprised if we have 16 tomorrow but hey, you know, you never know.

Oh man.

Tomorrow at 9. I get to the practice at 8.30am, acupuncture then transfer then acupuncture again whilst in the resting bay (for one hour). Then I get to come home, climb into bed and .... hope.

And when, I hear you ask, is the pregnancy test? Christmas Eve! And according to the weather channel we may well have snow. I love Christmas Eve, I love snow. I hope I shall love this snowy Christmas Eve.

I am excited, fearful, nervous, hopeful and ready to rest.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas it would be to have a BFP AND lots of snow!

  2. It's all coming together! (I love it when a plan comes together)

    Thinking of you tomorrow!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Good luck, best wishes, Godspeed, fingers crossed, positive energy,.....and many other sayings ! I hope this is it for you EB!! Hugs my dear.

  4. Oh, it all sounds so great - acupuncture, transfer, 16 embies!!!!, bed rest, snowy Christmas Eve pg test! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and holding a whole bunch of hope and wishes in my heart for you, dear friend!

  5. Good luck, my friend, good luck!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers (even though we've never met, my heart feels for ANYONE going through IVF-- how can it not?!)

  6. Bring on the hot cocoa and chestnuts roasting! I'm sold! Sending you so many positive vibes it's not even funny! Enjoy! Exciting, yes; scary, yes; successful: yes!!!!!!!xoxoxo

  7. Yay EB -- sending many positive thoughts your way for an easy transfer tomorrow and a relaxing week of rest. Love to you!

  8. By now you have already transferred and are probably at home tucked snuggly in bed. Thinking many happy thoughts and good wishes for you, my friend.

  9. It's going to be just like one of those mushy Christmas movies...where everything works out just right! How perfect that you'll be getting your BFP on Christmas Eve. :)