Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 3

Yesterday wasn't so bad. I divided my day and did indeed do work, write holiday cards, watch a movie and wrapped a few presents.
I have noticed that as soon as I take the progesterone pills ... its all over. I pass out and then I am very quiet for the rest of the night. I quite like the escape. Great, I'm an addict.

To test or not to test.
I woke up at 4am thinking " I know where an ept is" and struggled with the idea of testing. I googled it yesterday and most people got a bfp on 6da5dt. My day 6 will be Saturday so I think I shall keep my really old fashioned ept for Sat am (its the kind you have to dip into a cup). The fear is sneaking in. Tiny frosting of fear! What if... what if...

I would normally talk this through with DH but since he has been absent for this cycle I am going to continue the solo navigation. I have made every decision, filled in every form and been to every appointment on my own. So fuck it. If you want in you gotta turn up.

So today's timetable:
At 10am my acupuncturist is coming over for a lovely session. I always feel so calm, peaceful and healthy after a treatment.
Sometime, the nurse comes over to give me Love.nox and PIO (I really don't know why she insists her poor nurses trek all over town) I am glad I get to warm up my arse tho, having the shots at the office has bruised my poor old bum. I am really tender back there.
So work, read, English tv, radio, wrap presents and maybe a call to a couple friends. Phew, what a busy day.

As I type one of my cats is asleep on my lap and the other just dropped his little cat tennis ball at my feet with much fanfare and meowing. Ahhhhhhh.


  1. If your test is super old be careful!! sometimes they can lose their accuracy. Just sayin'!! :-)

  2. You transferred 5 donor egg embryos. I'd be shocked if the HCG wasn't flowing in full force when you sat up at the transfer table. You should be golden on Saturday. Please post so we can all have a virtual toast to your success! :)

  3. Awwwww. Sweet kitties. :) Enjoy your rest time. Sounds like you have a nice plan. Can't wait for the POAS! ;)

  4. Please go over your PIO protocol - seems like you warm instead of ice first...I want to try your way (although we are still MONTHS from that!)

    I agree with anon about the old test. Would be wary of results from it. However, you have AWESOME odds and I would love to celebrate with you Saturday.

  5. Hey, another comment from me. I agree with the other comments on your HPT. Seriously, what's up with that old-style test. No, no, no. Let's dig deep in our pockets and buy a proper test so you can POAS - as every good, obsessed, 2WW chick should do. Lord! What's next - someone going to kill a rabbit?! :)

    Regarding the PIO - you're following a good path.

    Musicmakermomma - I iced first but found that, though it helps numb you to the initial puncture, it actually makes the oil clumpier inside your body and causes more pain in the long run. What I found best was to just inject it straight, then lie on the heating pad for a bit.

  6. Jill: Ddtto - to Sky on the PIO - I rest a heating pad on the offended area for 5 mins and gently rub.

  7. Wow your bed rest sounds heavenly - with the acupuncturist coming to you and the nurses - nice! Yes, you go ahead brave one and test - I'm still trembling with fear and I'm too scared to do it! Wishing you the best.

  8. You sound quite cosy tucked up in bed with your embies and your kitties. Awww...And please keep pushing those scary thoughts away - tell them they're not welcome. And what English tv are you watching? just curious! Enjoy!

  9. I'm a day late getting here to comment, but I'm so glad you were able to rest, pet kitties, get acupuncture and take care of some Christmas things. I did not want you to POAS yet. But I see the newer post....(going there now)