Tuesday, December 29, 2009

double take

6dp5dt: HCG 30
8dp5dt: 109
14dp5dt: 1964!!!!!!!

I know!! I thought I had read it wrong. The last time I got in this region was when we were naturally pregnant and 6 weeks along. DH is terrified to celebrate or hope - the m/c are hard on me but I honestly think they are harder on him. But I have to say, them is some pretty nice numbers.

I am celebrating with roast chicken and rosemary fries. I may even push the boat out completely and have the last slice of Christmas cake my ma sent me.

No wonder I was so tired I couldn't move yesterday. And today? I have managed to go to the movies and now I need a nap. And my boobs hurt. Yippee. Symptoms :-)

I wish I could share with my mum. But she had so many losses in her life that she would worry herself sick for the next 10 weeks. How did you share the news? My folks are thousands of miles away. I was thinking of making a DVD and sending it with some flowers and a bottle of wine.

1964. Wagging my behind off!


  1. I am so so happy for you!!! Keep celebrating those symptoms!

  2. OMG!! so very happy for you!! EAT THE CAKE :)

  3. Woweeeeeee! Absolutely thrilled for you, my dear friend!! Enjoy all those symptoms!!!

  4. Yes, eat the cake! And have a bite for me! :)
    Congrats. So happy you're on the path...

  5. WOOHOOO!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations & enjoy!!!

  6. Fabulous, faboolush, frabilisk. I'm so glad that things are looking so great and am looking forward to many more happy posts in the future.

  7. I say share the joy, it IS joy, and share however you can and want to--
    wine and a DVD sound lovely, but so does a phone call or a good old fashioned telegram.

    And you, such wonderful numbers EB, I am so happy for you-- how great to have NO ambiguity, just plain old big time pregnant. YIPPIE!

  8. Halle-whoopie-lujiah!!!!! I think your polka dot just tripled in size! Yay for symptoms, and oh yeah, eat the cake! I guess if your Mum is going to worry, keep your juicy secret to yourself a while longer (well, except for us, your adoring blog public). The DVD (of an u/s you mean?) sounds lovely. I don't, however, recommend a long, detailed comic book! ;)

  9. Yeah for Polka Dot!!! Wonderful numbers he/she is demonstrating!!

  10. I sent our parents a pair of baby shoes and a note "To be filled August 2009"

  11. OMG!! That is amazing! I'm lurking, just not posting much these days, but I've been reading your blog every other day to make sure these numbers are going up and that you are doing ok. Hang in there and breathe.

    As for how I told people- well, I called my whole family (sisters and Dad) and most of our close friends right away. Not the safest move, but we couldn't help it. I figured they would still be there for us if it hadn't worked out. Eat to your hearts content and rest!

  12. Congrats!! Those are fabulous numbers!!! Happy New Year!!!