Monday, December 28, 2009

Polka Dot update

It's a growin!

(6dp5dt) 1st beta - 30's, progesterone 12
(8dp5dt) 2nd beta - 109 progesterone 19

I'll get today's b/w tomorrow when I pop in for my shots.

I got an ultrasound picture too - doubled in size since it's last close up. It's still in there. And the Oscar for most surprised patient went to ... me! I just thought I had had my quota of good luck and it would have gone. But nah, s/he's sticking around.


And there is still only one polka dot which much to my great surprise I am delighted at. I know I spent most of the year asking for twins but in the cold hard light of pregnant day I am so relieved that there is only one polka dot. If we had just one family member around to help it might have seem doable but since we are on our own and totally inexperienced .... yada yada

I've been thinking about how I have no genetic input into this child. That is so odd. To be the surrogate. I'd be lying if I wasn't mourning just a little. A mini me ego trip. Once this polka dot starts to be more of a baby I'm figuring I won't care at all. We have decided to wait to tell people we used donor egg (including immediate family) until we tell the child. My family is like the Adams family and I don't want certain members upsetting our little one or starting the gossip tree off.
So, we shall say IVF but not DE until the kid understands. The only ones I want to tell are my mum and dad but I'm not sure. It's got nothing to do with being embarrassed or pretending the kid is genetically me, me, me. Our psych councillor at Cornell made a big deal about this. Hopefully I have the next 9 months to decide.


  1. Oh Hurrah!!! Congratulations! SO happy for you & your polka dot!

  2. Yay for Polka Dot! So glad all is going well!
    I think your decision to wait to tell others until after you tell your son/daughter is very very wise. I know someone who used a sperm donor and our whole neighbourhood knew the truth before her son did and I always felt really uncomfortable about that - it just didn't seem fair to him, and it seemed rather dangerous as he might have found out through another way which might have been very hurtful.
    Can't wait for the next update!

  3. Great news about your polka dot! I'm so happy to hear that! Good thoughts about who and what to tell about the DE. I had never thought about the gossip factor. I'm curious to know what the psychologist at Cornell got her knickers in a twist about? Telling just a few people or not telling or what?
    Hoping polka dot continues to bloom and grow beautifully! Ps I tried to comment yesterday but we're out of town and my I phone was having a tantrum!

  4. Great news on the 2nd Beta - I'm so happy for you both! I like the idea of not telling anyone until you tell the child. After all, it's nobody's business except his/hers. Congrats again and much joy to you in the New Year!

  5. YAY!!!!!! And no need to rush in to telling anybody anything. There will be plenty time for that later. Besides, it doesn't change the wonderful outcome! Don't forget the little polka dot will be incubated in your body, eating your food, experiencing your experiences, and hearing your voice (at week 15 I learned). You may have more of an impact on polka dot's internal self than you think!!!

  6. Great betas! And I'm so happy for the now-doubled-in-size polka dot. I am SO looking forward to your post about seeing the heartbeat flicker. That wondrous moment.

    Well, I will tell you that from time to time I too think about the fact that my baby doesn't have my genetics. I think about it less often now than I used to, but the fact never escapes me. The thing is, I guess I sort of mourn the baby I will never have, but I never mourn the fact that THIS baby is not my genetic child. I think it's because I already love him so much...for exactly who he is. And if I were carrying my own genetic baby, I wouldn't have THIS baby - and I would definitely mourn that too! So, I think that as the pregnancy progresses, you will surely develop a bond that will become irreplaceable! And in any event, it's still okay to mourn the babies we wanted and didn't get.

  7. Grow, Glow,
    Shine your mother through,
    I love you,
    everyone loves you!

    Happy New Year!
    Greetings to your polka:)

    in case you wonder where I live.

  8. Great beta numbers!!! Grow polka dot, grow!

  9. So glad things are going well - of course all of us veterans are terrified something will go wrong all the time! Also a singleton would be great for your health, twins are definately harder just on your body, not to mention once they are out in the world it's twice the insanity! But I'm sure you'll be great with whatever number you're blessed with - thinking of you.

  10. So happy for more great news for you, your husband and the little polka dot. You deserve a break to relax just a little. Allow yourself to smile, keep whatever you think is best to yourself and let me tell you think. You will give that little one more life lessons and love than a thousand novels could ever describe.