Thursday, December 10, 2009

ho hum

after all the excitement of yesterday today is a bit of a let down! DH went for his HCG shot and my oh my you would think HE should get the nobel. You know, its a damn good thing that I am the one in the couple that has to do all the shots and pills and hospital visits otherwise this whole process would have been way worse.

We had a couples session yesterday. DH is clearly emotionally done. The therapist asked what is plan B. Adoption we answer. That all? Dh sighed.I said he couldn't take another month. Maybe if we took off January and then did the frosties in February. Maybe. He just can't take another disappointment. I understand but at the same time I resent his battle fatigue. I am the one that is exhausted because I am the one that has had two full time jobs (my regular and IVF) and I am the one that is physically so screwed up coz all the bloody drugs.

I shall re register for the adoption workshop in Vermont for March. There is one in January but I don't think that is such a good idea for either of us.

The therapist made me laugh. She said she had one thing we haven't tried for a while that might work. Intercourse. Oh yeah, I remember nookie. I think. Its that naughty, sexy thing we used to do all the damn time. Right. Something to do with fun. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. Getting preggers the good old fashioned way after all this money.


  1. I'm rolling my eyes at your therapist for you.

  2. You can get pregnant from having sex? That's absurd; I just don't believe it!

  3. With any luck you're about to become pregnant with twins...then your DH can quit his bellyaching and spend the next 9 months rubbing your feet, fetching you a cup of tea and bringing you honey with toast. Sheesh.

    As for sex - whatever. Yeah, maybe it will work. And maybe Santa clause is real, too. (Sorry, I'm a bit cynical today).

  4. I'm with the cynical girls. I also think it's amazing how a little physical discomfort for the guys is practically the end of the world. Hmph is all I have to say to that. Hmph.

  5. Oh dear, Thats hard! Was your therapist saying you should get intimate and close again or was she trying to get you pregnant?
    We women definitely are tough cookies! Can you imagine a guy going through childbirth? Ooooh noooo!
    Take care, honey:)
    fx big time!