Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rack 'em

How many sizes am I supposed to go up?? I mean, hells bells, I have gone up 3 sizes already. You know what's weird, the belly is all frontal loaded and so I look in proportion. Just HUGE!! So my husband can't keep his hands to himself and I look like some Elizabethan Jezebel!!

I am sliding into the third trimester. Can't eat a full meal anymore but hungry all the time. Just had protein waffles and N.utella - oh my oh my oh my. I tried to eat a salad for lunch but I still can't get a taste for it. I hope the little ones are OK with all the carbs, sugar, milk and massage protein hits! Yesterday for breakfast I had a steak!!! I am enjoying eating all the food. It's funny, that a milkshake was such a forbidden fruit just 6 months ago. Now, it's an obligation - gotta get the milk somehow. I did find the best milkshakes. Old fashioned - milk, fruit and ice. Without the ice-cream it tastes completely different and so lovely. Look at me, waxing lyrical about a glass of milk.

I still crave foods from China and Thai. Yeah, no idea what that's about. Oh now I really need some Phad Thai!!

What was/is your food craving?


  1. lol! I had to go buy a new bra today for my p*rn star knockers. Currently craving a huge old homemade rice crispy treat! Not in the cards since my fridge is empty for our move! Although I have not been ordered to hit the dairy which makes me kind of wonder....hmm.

  2. My rack isn't as big as it was during my pregnancy with Kara - not sure why that is. However, the 1st & 2nd trimesters, I could NOT get enough ice cream. Now, I can't really take it, but I was LOVING it. Like you, my stomach is so squished that i can't fit much, but I am currently craving Twinkies and Streudel. And I like Jencini's comment above about a homemade rice krispy treaT! yum

  3. Hopefully with a rack like that you'll be off to a good start feeding those babies! My food/eating experiences were similar to yours...couldn't eat much by the 3rd tri (my belly felt full so fast!); I totally craved sweets and carbs (vegetable? what's that?) and I wanted Japanese food every day it seemed. Happy milkshaking!