Monday, May 24, 2010

Look at that..

eyes right, people. We are at day 101. I cannot frikkin believe this is still happening!! I still check my TP, my loo, my knickers every single time I pee. I will never take a kick or gurgle or heartburn filled moment for granted. Coming into the third trimester (June 3rd) I am now very aware that walking more than 5 blocks is just not gonna happen. I also look totally pregnant now. I bulged this weekend. I will take a photo, I promise.

So yesterday we were given a double snap and go, a big bag full of baby clothes (ahhhhhhh) two bouncy seats and two ergo carriers by an twin mom. I think we both looked a little shell shocked as we left :-) but here is the funny bit. Everything (and there was a ton) fit into the back of the cab (what is that called, the boot we English call it - trunk!! that's the American word) everything fit into the trunk and that made DH happy!! I swear. The fact that it all fit into the trunk made him happy. What is with guys!!

We put everything into our little storage area and covered it up so the cats hair doesn't get all over. I went through the clothes and put them into ages and then put them away. It was a really generous donation! We now have enough clothing (although she has two boys so I might just get some little girl stuff).

And the most amazing thing happened after all that. DH asked our twin friend if we could come back next weekend and practice on her kids again!! WOW!! He wants to cuddle them again. My evil plan is working. Get him hooked on the free cuddles then make him pay through the nose for his regular fix with our kids... he he he.


  1. I'm so glad that you got all the free stuff! I am especially glad that your DH seems to be getting more comfortable with the twin thing. I think sometimes men just like to be able to "tinker" with something so that they don't feel inadequate when the big time comes :D

  2. wow - day 101. Time is really ticking by, isn't it? I have some bady days (or nights) with my aches and pains, but I always remember how lucky I am to be here and how much it is worth it. xxoo