Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under 120 at 23 weeks

I just realized that the ticker has us at under 120 days. Whoohoooo! Love it. My wonderful friends are asking about the gift registry - i.e. where the hell is it! I think I shall ask DH to start one with the list we got from our twin mentor. Give him something else to do!

I was looking at the calendar and I think I shall sneak out of work early towards the beginning of August. I shall "work from home" as much as possible. I do find that the warmer weather is making me oh so tired so I can only imagine what the third trimester is like! I can't help but think that the gift of these little lovelies is made all the more amazing by the fact they will here for Autumn, my favourite time of year.

Today is my little kicking duo's 23rd week pre-birthday. Happy pre-birthday little ones, I'll have a milkshake to celebrate.


  1. Great news! Hope that each day those little ones are getting bigger and stronger and kicking Mom like crazy. Hey, if you are inclined to share, any info from your "twin mentor" would be useful over here too. I haven't bought anything yet and the girls should be home in the next 6 weeks or so. I've got to order up some cribs!

  2. Yes, please share any info from your 'twin mentor' - we are just doubling most items from when we had Kara, but I have read some twin blogs that list some necessities, like the twin nursing pillow "My Brest Friend" Twin nursing pillow. Also, I just learned out that Chicco is releasing a new twin tandem baby stroller (travel system) which is key. It begins shipping to stores this month - just in time! Stay cool in this heat and take it easy at work when you need to! Much love to you , DH and the babies. xxoo

  3. Holy crap! When I read the headline, I thought: I cannot believe she weighs under 120 lbs. at 23 weeks - that can't be good unless she's 4'10" or something.

    Congrats for having less than 120 days left! :)

  4. Wow, I can't believe how far along you are! What a blessing you are doing so well. I hope the milkshake is divine!