Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Starting to be really pregnant.

I have popped out even further. Actually, my belly isn't all that huge for a twin pregnancy at almost 6 months (holy crap, 6 months). The weight was unexpected - both little ones feel like bowling balls and when they are active, like this am, it is somewhat painful. I think I had a butt or head jammed into something on my left side this morning ... ouch!!

I love carrying them around tho. Feeling them and thinking about them and rubbing the mound. My boobs are starting to be pregnant women boobs, HUGE and heavy. When I get home from work I kick off my shoes and suit and lay on the bed all cuddled up in my body pillow and with the furry ones close by. It's one of my favourite time of day. As is cuddling up with DH. He is so loving these days. Texting me the most romantic and wonderful thoughts. Stroking my stinky New York City feet and rubbing the mound till one or both start playing with his hand. They love thier dad, that's for sure - his touch sends them into a tizzy.

We are both very anxious but managing through as best we can. Dh said the other day " I wish they were here in my hands, safe" and it struck me. He is infertile too, at least in his experiences. He is worried something will go wrong just as I am. I still check my underwear EVERY TIME I go to the loo.


I did a wild, foolish and potentially brave thing last night. I started out registry. Yes, I signed up at one of the two stores we are getting all the baby gear from. Very cool. I stayed away from actually useful stuff - bottles and burping blankets and have put cute dresses for her and mobiles and storage bins! But it's a start.


I have in the house a breast pump. Bought new from a friend that didn't really get to use it. It's in the apartment. An actual baby thing. WOW. Not that I have opened it or anything.. hell I'm not that brave!!!!!

Question for the oricles of the internet: What crib did you buy and why?

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  1. EB - SO glad to hear everyone is doing so well. It's lovely that your husband is so romantic and to excited about their upcoming births :-)
    We are borrowing my girlfriend's cribs - she bought (2) very , very expensive Morigeau-Lepine cribs for her babies and we're just using those. Good luck in your search!