Friday, May 14, 2010

111 ...

... days to go.

The 6 month ultrasound showed my little monkeys are in the 50% singleton range. I was so happy! I was worried that they would be large or small or whatever. Every time I lay down on the table I think - please, please, please. You know what I mean. I wonder if 'regular' pregnant women think this? I wonder if they worry at every quiet moment, every test no matter how trivial.

We have decided on a crib. I went with the safest and best value crib on the consumer reports. I thought, I doesn't look like the crib I wanted but it's safe and tested and proved. We have decided on a stroller - thanks C - the city select.

It looks like we are actually doing this!!!

Question of the day: when did you send out your registry info? Also when did you have your shower?


  1. I have the city select. It is awesome. Solves every twin parent's challenge, I think.

  2. Congrats on the 50th percentile - great news. I had the same news a month ago. I understand what you mean - every time I'm on the U/S table I do the same thing - and I'm incredibly relieved when I see them moving and hear their heartbeats. I don't think most pg women do this. In fact, I know they take it for granted that their baby will be normal and healthy and hell - born alive. After all, they only had to have intercourse to get pregnant. What do they know about IF difficulties and genetic issues and all the things that could go wrong during a pregnancy?! I feel like I'm qualified to be an RE after the reproductive education I've received in the past 5 years. xxoo

  3. I had a precarious pregnancy so planning my shower was a bit daunting (would I make it to 24, 26, 28 weeks? If so, would I actually deliver at 32 or beyond? Do I wait until viability then just have the shower "just in case" but then what if some tragedy strikes...) and on and on, you get the idea.

    So, I had my shower at 31 weeks (and went on to deliver by scheduled c-section at 38 wks).

    You can include registry info with your shower invitations (although it's not considered good etiquette, but what's a mom-to-be to do?).