Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Ten Twin Tips

This is a post for twinnies.

Here are some things I have learnt from our mentor.

1. Scheduling - work on a 12 hour shift system: 7 to 7 and stick to it. It is really hard, apparently in the beginning but try as hard as you can. Write everything down (feeding, diapers, problems with times) - it will really help you & your kids docs.
2. black out shades & crib light. The crib light is really important for night time changes (don't have to turn all the lights on and wake up baby b) - we can't find any that aren't really cheesy!
3. sheet savers - these are usually put under a singleton length wise. But with twins they are put under each of them as they share the crib. That way, if one pee's over his/her diaper you change the little sheet and not the whole thing (and twin b gets to stay asleep).
4. In line strollers - she doesn't like 'em. They are ripe for fighting and screaming meltdowns ("I want the front seat") and they can't really get in and out on their own when they get older.
5. Diapers - if you don't use the pampers pee indicator - put toilet paper in the diaper to see if they have 'gone'.
6. Diaper Bag - get a lined messenger bag (not a trendy diaper bag). It needs to be big with lots of pockets and buy ton of varied zip lock bags.
7. Emergency Zip Lock - each kid has their own zip lock bag: set of clothes, wipes, diaper, formula (single serve), garbage bag. Keep these in the stroller.
8. Bottles - She swears by Dr Browns & Advent has some new bottle coming out that reduce gas. Get a dishwasher caddy/drying table and keep it in the Dishwasher. Set the dishwasher to high heat and you don't need to sterilize the bottles before use once they have been through the cycle.
9. Keep them awake once you have fed them - no matter how tired you are.
10. Play when they are supposed to be awake - bounce them, walk around outside. That way the sleeping schedule is easier.

And bonus points: don't spend a fortune on cribs unless you can afford it - with twins sleeping solutions need to be assessed as they grow.


  1. I do not have twins, and I do not live in NY - however, the side-by-side strollers are IMPOSSIBLE to maneuver through stores and through doors. The strollers are just too wide. Just a consideration. I understand about the front/back problem ,but consider this as well.

  2. I love the ziplock bag idea. I have also heard about the sheet savers. Now I must find them. Great tips, thanks!