Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shelf arse, friends and DH

Good lord people, how on earth would i do that!! I have a ton of awards and gifts from folks that I ought to put on my blog page but I have NO IDEA how to do it. I am a techno-idiot. Another issue is that I have two bellies and two arses. The bellies I can deal with but seriously, I have a shelf ass! I have my normal seat of plenty and then this shelf that sits on top of it! I don't want that out in the internets thank you very much!
OK OK I shall take the photo tonight and give it good ole British try to post tomorrow. Yikes. Shield your eyes.

What would I do without my friend C. So, she pointed out that my maternity leave is based on my going to 40 weeks. Which is somewhat silly since most twins are born at 36 weeks. And to that end, I have booked myself on holiday from 36 weeks with a warning to my colleague that I might be out before. She went ashen and smiled a weak smile and said "oh, ok"

That means I have only June and July to get through. OH MY GOD!! I am so happy. I wonder what they will smell like, you know, that new baby smell. I wonder what they will feel like in my greedy arms?

I wanted to take a moment to thank my DH. DH is a bit of a wreck and even so he cuddles me every moment he can, strokes my feet and hair, back and shoulders. He works long hour, comes home and works relentlessly to get the kids room cleared out and ready for painting and decorating. He is so close to panic most days that he vibrates. I know he will love having a family and he will be great with the kids because I see how he has blossomed through marriage and homemaking. Thank you, sweetie, for everything.

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  1. Since 'full term' for twins is 36 weeks, you can actually go out 4 weeks before hand, even without it being medically "necessary". I am going out 6 weeks early because it's getting so uncomfortable just sitting upright and getting out to see clients 3 days per week. Anyway - you'll know when it's time to go out. On another note - I love your husband - he sounds like such a sweet man and I'm so glad you found each other. He will make a great dad to your little babies. xxoo