Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I'm at somewhat of a loose end at work. I have a mountain of things to write but hell, without a deadline biting my heels I am useless. I was supposed to be in Chicago working my arse off at a conference. But I didn't go and now, well, I have nothing on my calendar today!!

So, I did something just awful - I went in to the office for the morning and then just grabbed a bunch of old files, marched out, looking stern and pissed off and went straight to Bloo.mingda.les to check out the sales and now I am at home watching TV!!!! Oh yes. Oh yes. I am playing HOOKY!

Got a nice pair of blue linen pants for the summer. Must remember to take the files back to work tomorrow. hehehehehehe.


  1. This post made me laugh out loud. Ha ha. Good for you! xxoo

  2. We won't tell!

    One day several years ago I called in sick to work to go to a once-a-year sale at Nor. dstrom. Standing in the store, rifling through the racks, I suddenly was struck with the sickening thought that my boss was just the kind of woman to show up to a Nordie sale and I worried I might run into her!

    Don't forget take the files back and be sure you look tired from working so hard on them!