Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last night I went to a work 'do'. I asked the bartender for a virgin cocktail and he handed me a lovely tall pink drink. After two sips I thought what is that taste?? OH MY GOD.. I asked the idiot what was in the drink and he smiled and said 'Raspberry vodka and .."
Now, two sips of vodka is no big deal except when you are allergic to alcohol. Yeah.

I woke up this morning and felt dizzy, weak and really queasy. And panicky. My allergy means if I drink any alcohol my body can't process it so I get a hangover from a teaspoon of booze. But of course being pregnant I am super worried that something is super wrong now. I called Dr K. and I got through to the nurse who was basically useless. Wow, what a surprise. She did say if you are worried go to L&D. Gee lady, big kiss to you!!

So, lots of water. I have electrolyte powder with vitamin c etc from my sporty past. Protein and wholewheat for the hangover symptoms and decaf tea and biscuits for my emotions.

It'll be OK, right?


  1. Absolutely yes, you will be okay despite the crappy hangover symptoms! Please tell me you bashed the bartender!

  2. Don't worry, I don't think 2 sips would hurt the babies. While your body can't process the alcohol, theirs can probably process this tiny amount without a problem. Deep breath and calming thoughts. xxoo

  3. Well, the great news is that the twins have no allergy to alcohol - so I'm positive they're A-Okay! :) Although, I can imagine it's scary for you with your allergy.

    Regarding alcohol during pregnancy for those who do NOT have allergies to alcohol, when both OB's I've been to covered the do's and do not's, said it was actually fine to have a glass of wine here and there. I'm not much of a drinker anyway so it's no biggie for me to abstain but it's good to know the frantic worries over a glass of wine aren't warranted. I guess, if it was a reason to worry, European babies would be born with serious issues as in France, for example, it's VERY accepted to have a glass of wine with dinner throughout pregnancy.

  4. I can't believe the idiot bar tender would serve a PREGNANT woman an alcoholic beverage. Never mind that you asked for a virgin drink. Thank God the guy is not giving peanut butter sandwiches to kids with peanut allergies - somebody could die. However much booze you consumed, some amount less than that got to the monkeys, and is probably negligible. Plus, you consumed remedies and so they probably didn't even get a buzz. But of course you were worried and I think you should write a letter to the bar owner.

  5. You and the babies will be fine. Here is something to comfort you...when my Mom was pg with me (in 1969) she was dx with an "irritable uterus" (she had a m/c before me). The prescription for this was 4oz of red wine EVERY night of her pregnancy after the 1st trimester. With my brother (born in '76), they had her drink a beer nightly to improve the volume of breast milk (brother was a big feeder). We're both seemingly fine, with advanced degrees. It is not funny to give a pg woman alcohol against her expressed desires but I doubt the babies willo have any lasting effects.

  6. Good grief. What an idiot. Still, I want to second the point that the alcohol surely did not hurt the babies. I lived in France with my last pregnancy and did have about 2 small glasses of wine each week with dinner. My OBs in the States and in Paris had absolutely no problem with this (the one in FR acted surprised that I even asked).