Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good intentions...

Didn't get around to the belly pic. I shall try tonight. I didn't get around to the pic coz Dh is melting down at a rate of nots, or is it knots? The way I see it, we have the time and space to focus on him right now. We have the ability to make sure his anxiety is managed and is panic is kept within 'normal' ranges. I am physically pregnant and he is emotionally pregnant. So, this is his time. Do I resent not being the center of attention. I guess so, on some level. But to be honest, every day I keep my kids growing in me is the gift of a lifetime so, really, I'm OK with concentrating on him for a couple of months.

As is my reaction to everything I googled and read blogs by dads of twins. I found a great blog by a dad who detailed how stressful it was for him during the pregnancy, how his anxiety levels shot through the roof when he thought about the two humans that were on the way. And then how the moment he held them, all that anxiety just melted away.

This is my hope and prayer for my DH.


  1. Your poor DH. In a month or so, you'll be so preoccupied with your own discomforts, it will be difficult to give his anxiety any consideration. Give it to him now - because later it will be all you, baby. I am usually totally focused on my DH's comforts, etc. I'm so uncomfortable all the time now, that it's all about me now. A weird change for us :-)
    Hang in there.

  2. Intriguingly, my hubby didn't have a melt down at the idea of 2 kids at once, it was the idea of 2 BOYS at once. His first question after found out the sexes was, "how am I going to pay enough attention to each of them?" (I guess he figured that if we had a girl, he didn't have to mentor as much!) He settled in to it, however, and now just spends as much time with each of the boys as he can. It must be hard for husbands when multiples come along as husbands tend to think of themselves as the ones who are the defenders and providers for their family. I am quite sure that your hubby's fears will be replaced with joy when he holds your children! :) I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers. ~brenda~

  3. Poor DH; Dear EB you have such a great can do, make it work attitude; I think you are going to be a wonderful, positive mother. With love,