Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look Look !

We are under 100 days!!! Oh wow!! 99 days to go - and that's until 40 weeks so what is it really? Oh who cares, its under 100.

Thank you for talking me off the ledge yesterday. After a good nights sleep I am less convinced I managed to kill my little monkeys with two sips of vodka! I haven't seen then for a week and I am extremely happy to be going to see Dr K tomorrow. I may even hire a doppler. I promised myself I wouldn't since I want to try and relax and trust the whole process. Mmmn, maybe I am not as over my little episode as I thought. Maybe I am really worried that I won't get to keep my monkeys - yes, thats is the real worry. The IF curse.

Here is what I shall do to get back to my zen of gestation. I shall hold off on the doppler, I shall start trying to meditate again (my mind is like cats on speed) and I shall download the second season of T.rue B.lood and I shall try to RELAX. Feet up, water by my side, furry purries sleeping close by. And keep on growing my little monkeys. I shall embrace and thank who ever, what ever is keeping these little one's growing and I shall push all my IF thinking into a little box and lock it tight.

Yeah. Sounds like a plan.


  1. Congratulations on less than 100 days to go! They'll really start to zip by now. Hell, why not get the doppler AND stay zen? And when the heck will the new season of truuu bluud ever start?

  2. It's hard to kick the negative thoughts of the Infertile Woman. But - you are doing great and you probably only have around 70 days left anyway - try to enjoy their presence and feel good that they're moving, healthy and strong.