Monday, May 3, 2010

Cervix ha ha

I called Dr J since she has had my cervix under careful watch from the beginning. She asked me in to measured it. 3.75cm. Not 2.75 which is what Cornel.l had the first time or 3.00 which is what Cornel.l had the second time. Dr J printed out the measurements and my history to give to Dr K.
I swear. Cl may have the best NICU in town and they may have even won best hospital 9 years in a row but damn me, they are not the best at patient care.

Dr J did see some liquid near the cervix and told me to take it really easy. I had planned on going back to work after seeing her but the request from my dear Polish friend and the fact that I busted out of my bra meant I was homeward bound.
Yes, folks, I busted through my bra. I have had a hard time watching my ass get bigger, my arms get flabby and now my tata's are so heavy that I need to get those reinforced 1950s constructions to hold them in!!

I am nearing the 6 months mark so I thought I would do the stats thing.

Weight gain: 12.4 pounds
Maternity clothes: tops yes (for belly coverage) bottoms up a size seems to be fine.
Wedding ring: on
Stretch marks: already had 'em!!
Food cravings: Phad Thai

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  1. Perhaps you could send C'nell a measuring tape, along with newborn pics of your babes when they are born. Sheesh.

    Sorry, I'm having a lot of fun trying to visualize someone busting out of a bra...I'm jealous!

    Great stats! I craved Japanese food during my pregnancy...or maybe it was the chopsticks I wanted. Now go rest!