Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am feeling the tiredness coming on. I have been told by many a twinnie mom that the third trimester is all about tiredness and pain. Mmmn fun. Well, I am in week 26 and I am knackered. We went to my friends house to learn how to bath and change a diaper this morning and after that I was just about done. We managed to register and have some lunch and now I am parked in front of the AC in my huge comfy clothing and nodding off!!

Happy to report things are fine with the little monkeys. I saw my OB for 4 mins on Thursday and she did the wand and an u/s!! But she did say heartbeats were good and cervix was good, which, I guess, is all she really gives a crap about. I have another growth scan on June 10th. She asked me if I had any questions and I just looked at her. "What's my estimated due date?" I asked. "aim for 36 weeks, OK, bye" Gee thanks. We have never had a birth plan conversation!

I did download a great AP on my i/phone. Its called laborbags and it has a list of everything you might need split into his and her (things like swimming shorts for him to help her in the shower). I love it because it will help my DH focus - I think he thinks the preparation fairy will swoop down and do everything for us!!

I am nodding off. Hope all is well.

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