Friday, May 21, 2010

You too!

I met someone I used to work with in Starbu,cks today who is 22 weeks pregnant with a singleton. She is bigger then I am. I was told by the OB that my 'cradle' is a great shape for childbearing since it is very deep and round but I am 25 weeks with twins and she as like 'oh I wondered but didn't want to ask!"
Maybe I should start wearing maternity clothes -really obvious ones, the empire waist shirts, and t-shirts that say pregnant not fat!!

I am soooo tired. Too tired. Everyone around me is having a hard emotional time. My dear friend adopted a dog and have nursed the big ole mutt back to health but he bit someone and now is being aggressive and she has to return him to the shelter. The trainers think the dog just can't handle NYC. This is the same friend that lost her ma in January and has no end of bad luck since. She is so sad and I just feel so bad for her. And then DH, well, we know the story there. I find when someone is upset it drains my energy. So weird.

Tonight is the NICU tour. Get ready for DH to melt down tomorrow.

Have a lovely Friday everyone, and a wonderful weekend. Let the sun shine...

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  1. Hm, I see I have a few posts of yours to catch up on! Okay, poor DH, and you are a saint to coddle him. Really. I mean, I know he suffered all those needles and wands and the dreaded L/upron shots and the hormones and the back pains....oh...wait....that was you! Hmph.

    Yes, yes, do wear some true maternity tops! Be sure to experience every facet of this pregnancy because it will be over before you know it! I look sadly at the maternity tops in my closet I miss them!

    What else? Oh, belly pic. C'mon can find a way to take a lovely belly pic that doesn't show the shelf or anything else you prefer to keep private. We want to see the belly button!