Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh dear.

I usually don't write about DH in any depth coz I figure that if he wants to chat about it, well he'd have his own blog! However, we have hit a road bump.

He had a sperm test this am and DrJ phoned me almost the moment she got the count (couldn't get hold of DH). His sperm count is extremely low. It has never been this low. He is freaked out. I just am resigned to shit happening, I guess.

Dh has to go for some tests tonight but they take 2 weeks to come back. If DRJ suggests waiting, I'm not sure DH will be into it from the IMs that DH sent this morning!

I guess its a wait and see situation. And a whopping great bill.

I was so happy after Saturday's visit to Dr J and my three stripes. Seems like we are never allowed to move forward. It's like a great big game of shoots and ladders.

Awww shit.

And I was just getting a little excited about 'maybe'.


  1. OMG you poor thing. Can they do ICSI? If he even has a few I think that "culls the herd" and they stuff the best ones in the eggs. Of course it costs more, but seems like it wasn't THAT horrible - sadly I wasn't really paying attention as we are so lucky with Mr. Momma's swimmers - he could father masses of kids!

    Hoping for good news to come your way!

  2. Don't worry too much. My DH has low sperm count and we did ICSI. You only need enough for the number of eggs you have. I am sure everything will be okay. Just stay positive!!

  3. Exactly, you can do ICSI. You stay excited and positive. You have a beautiful, rejuvenated, plush womb ready to go. Wag it, girl!!! Things will work out for you.

    K. xoxo

  4. My thoughts are the same as the other commenters - you just do ICSI. You probably only need 15-25 sperm, 1 for each egg. Hang in there. DH will come around.

  5. Oh dear is right! I am so sorry you hit a road block again. Did you and doctor J talk about ICSI? I agree with what others are saying about that. I'm hoping and praying for some solution. (((hugs)))

  6. ICSI
    and fuck, since really? like you both needed one more thing to deal with?
    So sorrry EB, but if that count is above zero, you have stuff to work with- just remember,there actually is technology for that! With love,

  7. Yeah, ICSI. They only need 1 per egg. Sorry......

  8. Ah crapshit. I'm so sorry your happy feeling got rained on. It sounds like others who know more than me have faith in the ISCI process. I hope it's the solution so you can go forward with the cycle. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  9. oh for pete's sake -- haven't you been through enough? This seems not to be insurmountable (see other commenters on ICSI), but I'm sorry that this has happened to you and DH, and I hope that it's the last hiccup!

  10. Oh, I'm so sorry for your DH - they take these things even harder than we do. I will chime in with the ICSI ain't quantity, it's quality! Sending you both good energy for this cycle!

  11. I'm sorry to hear your news, that's beyond disappointing and yet one more thing to deal with. That said, I'm with everyone else who has already commented - talk to your RE about ICSI?


  12. Agree with everyone about ICSI....but if it has never been that low before and I am assuming he has given lots of could just be a fluke and he could have a slight infection causing it (like cold/flu etc) hang in there!!