Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lighter shades of pale

ok, feeling better now. I know - it is the oddest thing. Too little sleep - EB = debbie downer. One night of sleep = wagging like a good one.

I went to my support group last night and they were eager to know what was going on. One women really suprised me. She said " I admire that you have stuck to something, to this something, for so long. You are exceptional"

I hadn't thought if it like that. I was thinking more along the victim lines. Ah woe is me, I am captured by this IF. I am here by choice though. It is my choice to continue seeking medical intervention. It helped me buck and shut up and my lovely freind would say.

Dr Jessie amazed me yesterday. I was supposed to see her on the 30th. I now have to be in San Fran on the 30th so I called to see if I could see her any other time. I was told the office was closed from Thanksgiving to 30th so it would have to be Thursday after. Oh, says I, I am in Vermont. They called me back, Dr Jessie will see me on the 28th - she is opening her office to see me. She lives miles away - way out nr the ocean somewhere and she is coming in to treat me.


  1. well, if Dr J is willing to do that....perhaps I can over look her lack of bedside manner :)
    glad you are feeling better! and I agree with the woman from your group.

  2. Wow - GO Dr. Jessie. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful doctor. Hang in there - not much longer now before the next cycle!

  3. Hard to believe - I think this is a great sign! And you are exceptional!