Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh for the love of cheese ...

Breakthrough bleeding. Ya, really heavy breakthrough bleeding that started two hours before the seven hour night flight to the UK. We get to the $300 a night hotel and there is no shop for.. well, you know. We have to go over a really busy road to the local supermarket for our ... my needs and boy is it dark, wet and cold.

They only have the little ones ... of everything. Oh yes, I am in Europe where women don't sweat (only perspire) and clearly no-one has a real period.

Although I stressed a little it didn't matter too much. I still swam in the really lovely pool, hot tubed and rested up. My crazy eccentric family didn't disappoint and my wonderful DH put up with all that and my anxiety levels shooting through the roof every so often.

I come from a dark, cold and wet place. I love visiting, especially because my nephew is getting older and he is so much fun. But boy, is it good to be home!!!!!! I an no longer of that place. Here is home, with him.

Tomorrow I get Lupron shot 2. Dr Jessie is pleased I am bleeding - thinks it will thin out my lining and she told me not to worry. I see her on Saturday. I'm not worried. I couldn't care less. All the way home I daydreamed about being on the plane with our little adopted kids. I day dreamed about bags with toys and sleepy heads resting on my shoulder and about getting them home, the cats running up to welcome them home. Would it be great to be preggers with my husbands baby. Yes, of course. But after 4 days with my lovely but wacky family adoption looks really attractive right now!!!!

SIL didn't disappoint. More of her later.

Hope you are all well.


  1. Oh how I missed you! I'm glad you had a nice visit and are in a positive state of mind for the next step with Dr. Jessie. xoxo

  2. I'm glad you've arrive safe and sound, with only a little bit of trauma. I hope that you have had a relaxing and fun vaca!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear your trip went well. Sounds like you are in good spirits!!

  4. Welcome home! Glad you've safely returned. Too bad you had to deal with bleeding while you were away, but if it thins out your lining in prep for the cycle, that's good. I liked your daydreams. Nice. And I'll look forward to some stories about your visit. Now go rest and get over the jet lag!

  5. LOL...Glad you are back. Can't wait to hear more about SIL. Is it possible you have a whacky P in your family too? Sigh...I think we all do.