Wednesday, November 25, 2009

travel travel travel

So my client is a pain in the arse. He wants me in San Fran one day a week for two weeks. My travel schedule look like this:

Sunday fly to SF,
Tue fly to NYC,
Thu drive to Vermont,
Sat drive to NYC,
Sun fly to SF,
Tue fly to NYC.

and what, you may ask is supposed to start in the middle of all that ....??? Ah yes, MY FRIKKIN DE CYCLE

So I called the infamous Dr J.

" Oh, EB, please, do not worry. Your donor is ready and waiting for you. I will see you on your return and we will go full steam ahead after you get back from SF"


What if I need to go to SF in the cycle?

"Oh you worry! So there are dates you must not travel (transfer) but apart from that we will accommodate you".

Am I in a version of the IF twilight zone.

This makes me a very happy patient. Even if this thing doesn't work, I am less stressed now than throughout the past 12 months! It even makes me .... a tiny little bit hopeful. Just a tiny bit.
Anyone know what has happened to cyclesista's?? I can't find the site? Did they close down?


  1. Woohooo! I'm glad you are feeling calm even amidst that crazy travel cycle! I'm so very hopeful for you and if it works, I think I must fly to NYC to meet you and Caren!

  2. cyclesista is having technical difficulties, they were making some changes and well... guess they are working out the kinks. Yes, I wrote and asked. I am silly like that. And you-- Dr. J sounds like a goddess, like all the niceness that you've been missing this whole friggin time is finally coming your way through this amazing person. I am o glad!

    And you--maybe thinking of flying from, say, Hartford to SF?

    Good luck with all of your travel and your needy client. I hope it goes really well in VT< I cannot wait to hear how it was for you there.


    It may not be your thang, but Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What an amazing an accomodating dr. J. Sucks that you will be traveling so much, especially since they are cross country too. Was wondering the same about cyclesista...thanks Kate for the answer. She always has the answers, amazing thing she is.

  4. Three cheers for Dr. J. Traveling so much will be an absolute time suck borefest, but since it is SF, you can always hit a few of my favorite restaurants if you want any hints. I lived there for 10 years of my adult life. It's a fabulous place. ;-)

    My confirmation word today: thewoo - that's kind of cool.