Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday frikkin Monday

Why oh why oh why does the weekend speed by? I am shattered still, from my Halloween festivities. I long for a beach with sun and long long days of sleeping and swimming and sunning myself. Ahhh beach.

I look old today. Great big panda eyes and saggy skin. I know lots of this is the Lup.ron. I know this is all for a good cause but couldn't I look gorgeous while doing this?? Is that too much to ask??

Side effects questions
1. Does anyone 'click' while on EL? If I twist or turn I pop and l click like a skeleton.
2. I thought I was supposed to get dry 'down there' but er..not so much
3. Tired. oh so tired - anyone else?

I have a two day work week this week. Then Wednesday we fly to Europe. It is only a weekend but it will be so good to be away. I shall pop over to Saks this lunchtime to look for a new coat (all mine are too big now) and a hat & gloves for my nephew.

OK. So this is it. My favourite time of the year is here. Halloween to New Years.
Even tho it is a little forced, I got my wag on!!!
WAG ON ...


  1. Oh the beach. I love the sun. It doesn't love me as much, but still... Sigh.

    wrt my lu.pron SE -- not so much clicking and popping, nor am I really drying out much, but def tired and just blah. And my weight loss from exercise/ diet has completely stopped and in fact has reversed course, which makes me oh so sad, since I am trying so hard.

    Weirdest SE is lots of bizarre cramping. Oh, and I have gone completely bat shit crazy. But not too bad otherwise. :-)

    Yeah for wagging!! Wag away!

  2. wag away!!! have fun on your trip.

  3. I'm on the Evil L.upron as well. 10units for 10 days, now 5 units until transfer. The only side effect is that I am horribly bloated and have gained weight. My belly is puffy and I'm a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise that's all. I'm glad you're getting away for a few days - enjoy! xxoo

  4. I had weight gain, was very tired and had hot flashes, definitely hot flashes. There were times that I'd wake up at night sweating. And I'm not a hot person, always cold usually. Not popping though.
    Your parade sounded like fun despite the rain. I decided to dress up and pass out candy this year. Costumes are so liberating. You get to be someone else for a short period of time.
    You're buying a new coat because you are too skinny for your old one! Isn't that uplifting! It's important not to overlook wonderful moments like these!
    Europe sounds great, it'll be a nice break for the two of you!


  5. You've become so thin your bones are clicking against each other! I think you'll see your little nephew and feel renewed. He'll hug you and kiss you and you'll tickle him and the world will feel right again. Have a safe and wonderful trip if I don't have a chance to comment again before you go.

  6. Have a fantastic trip EB -- thinking of you!

  7. Have a safe trip. Will catch up when you get back.