Tuesday, November 3, 2009

54321... liftofffffff

Well, here we are. 4pm and my workday is almost done. I am almost on vacation!! OH MY GOD vacation. When was my last real vacation? Maine for 3 days? Can't remember. I will be run off my feet tomorrow trying to get everything ready to fly in the evening but thats ok. I like the panic and running around coz that means I am exhausted for the crappy coach set overnight.

I shall enjoy my trip coz I think the L.upron is wearing off and I will get to breath fresh air, walk on green mossy moors, eat fresh organic food and exercise like a mad women at the hotel gym. I am going to enjoy this vacation like a prisoner on weekend release.

I shan't really have a chance to read or comment - we will be in the sticks. Shelly I hope you get a surprise in the next few days. BWUB I hope you post more hilarious stories about your SIL (Vermin in the freezer) and K - I'm thinking of you and sending 'get well soon' vibes (what is hyperthingy anyway?).

Bye all, read you soon.


  1. have a wonderful trip! i gave an awrd on my blog :) see you when you return!

  2. Enjoy those mossy moors! I will be thinking of you and hoping each moment is perfect, rejuvinating and soothing to your heart and spirit. You have SO earned this vacation!

    And btw, K's hyperemesis basically means "strong and excessive vomiting." Poor girl. I hope she feels better too.

    Bon voyage EB!

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  4. I hope you are having a fabulous time in Europe right now!

  5. ahhhhhhh vacation! good for you! you deserve some fab time away. enjoy!