Friday, November 27, 2009

11 Madis.on

Every year DH and I go for a really great meal at one of the amazing places here in NYC. One year it was a sushi restaurant that cost the same amount as a ticket to Japan!! This year we decided on 11 Madis.on - a restaurant with a totally amazing chef. I was expecting good things. I was hoping for white tablecloth, fawning servers, fancy clothing type thing.

I was not disappointed.

Oh man, the food. the food, the food, the food. Stuff I can't pronounce but oh so amazing. We sat upstairs overlooking the main dining room and ate ourselves back to a time when we weren't coping with losses and disappointment. I toasted DH's amazing support and love, he just sat and tried not to cry. Ahh creatives!

In the afternoon we went to see the Fantastic Mr Fox with friends - amazing - go!!

I had a lovely day. A really lovely day.


All day, deep down in my brain, I missed my kids. Where are they????


  1. What a deliciously indulgent, fabulous day you had! Nothing like high end cuisine to make you forget (temporarily) your worries. I think the fact that you were missing your kids means that they are indeed out there. Somewhere. Waiting to reach you too. Remember that long before my transfer I wrote a post in which I address my frozen embryos and I said something like, "Hang on my lovies, Mommy is coming!" Somehow I knew they (or, rather one of them) was a real person, my baby, waiting for me to come rescue him. And you have that feeling too. So I know that a day will come when you will be together. Keep up the hope!

  2. Oh I loved that you had a great day with incredible food. MrBeep took me for a 9 course meal at the Herbfarm once. I've been to some fab places in San Francisco and Seattle too. I love that you are a foodie on top of being so interesting and amazing in other ways. Keep up your spirits, you'll find your kid. :-)