Monday, November 23, 2009

Am I blue?

or just over tired? I had a really busy weekend and here I sit, Monday morning unable to think or move. Maybe its the estrogen I started taking? Anyone?

I feel like someone let the air out. I guess it's coz I just got another revised travel schedule and I am traveling again on Sunday back to San Fran. The only flight they could get me on was a 6.45pm flight. Yikes! I will be knackered by the time I get there. I shall have some meetings on Monday, diner with the client and either get the red eye back or a day flight on Tuesday. Then on Thursday we drive to Vermont (5 hours). Ugh. I used to travel like this and more but that was before a gruelling year of IVF and failure.

Ah well, at least I get this Thursday off. Yippee- Thanksgiving. Lovely food, a movie and a 'no baggage' attached national holiday. Since I am not from this culture I have no negative associations with the holiday. I get to enjoy it just like kids do. This year we are having an early lunch at 11 Madiso.n (oh yeah baby) and then a film with friends later on in the evening. Looks like I might have to work on Friday (boo) but at least I can work from home.

and in honour of Thanksgiving (and in order to get my wag on) a little humor ...

How does a Turkey drink wine? In a gobble-let

Anyone else??


  1. omg I love love eleven madison park. I was just there again last month and had a spectacular meal, so that is certainly worth looking forward to.
    I've got no input on whether estrogen causes tiredness, but I hope your weekend was fun and that you feel more energetic soon!

  2. hee-hee thanks for the thanksgiving funny.....and I have been to eleven madison park, and it is yummy. enjoy!

  3. LOL...funny one. I like that this is a no baggage holiday for you. I love thanksgiving but in recent years it has been loaded with baggage - albeit family stuff. Sorry you have to travel so much. Hopefully it will keep your mind off things. Happy turkey day.

  4. I love the word "knackered". Sorry the travel will be so tiring, but I hope you have a great thanksgiving and I'm glad you enjoy it. I do too. My pea brain has no room for baggage.