Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas might be early this year.

I had an amazing Dr J session today. She told me the biopsy was positive - I did indeed have polyps which she had successfully removed . Then she turned the machine towards me and there, on the screen, was something I have never seen before- 3 stripes. 3 frikkin stripes. I have them, I saw them for the first time.

"Oh very nice, yes, very nice, super" Dr J talks to herself (but out loud) as she scans the screen.

Then we sit down and talk dates.

Can you see me next Sat? If you can see me we have Donor retrieval 12th or 14th.


Yes, I totally can. I will be here with bells on my little Polish nutcake. (note to self: cancel Vermont)

So there we are.

And guess what - she doesn't like her patients doing their own IM shots. So after the retrieval she wants me on bed rest for 7 days (HOLY COW) and the nurse comes the the house and does the shots for me. Even less stress for DH since he hates giving the shots. I asked why bed rest for 7 days.

"In New York we're busy all the time, we are rushing around and especially at the holiday times. So, you stay in bed, you rest, your body temperature remains constant and your heart beat is regular. All good for implantation"

That actually makes sense to me!

So folks we will know by Christmaas Day if we have been lucky this time or not. I am terrified of the not, if I am being honest. Terrified. But I know that I survived that last not and if it happens again - I'll survive again.
And if it works? Oh man. What a Christmas. What a Christmas!!


  1. Reading this post gave me instant goosebumps! I thought, why do I have goosebumps over this? It's because THIS cycle is SO different from the crap C'nell was doing. No polyps..a triple stripe..donor ready to go...bedrest to ensure the best possible conditions...someone giving the shots....I mean...holy crap....I just feel that the forces are truly with you this time. And with bells on your Polish nutcake (LOL), it's got the makings of a perfect Christmas miracle. Sooooooooo happy for you!

  2. Sounds like everything is lining up for a Christmas miracle! I am so hopeful for you too, and scared of that nasty BFN. But lots of rest and confidence in your doc, as well as a triple stripe lining all add up to a much more hopeful outlook to me! Can't wait for next weekend's report!

  3. Absolutely awesome news! I am so thrilled for you, my Polish English New Yorker! What a smart doc! Reading what she said made me think about my own post transfer relaxation and made me promise to keep my heartrate even and my body temp constant. I have the whole week off work and will really tak it easy. But back to you - so rooting for you and hoping for that Christmas BFP! Yay!!!!

  4. Fantastic news! I'm so hopeful for you. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and say a little prayer each day. Best of luck to you, my friend!

  5. I'm so happy that Dr. J has a terrific plan and you are doing so well. Yippeeee for triple striped cushy goodness. Hoping for the best Christmas present EVAH.