Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mea Culpa

Here I sit, head hung in shame.

I may have been a little overly dramatic with my descriptions yesterday*. It was all a bit surprising (we had this penciled in for Monday) but the nurses and staff were very caring - they sat me down and made sure I was ok to leave.

And as for Dr J. have I mentioned she is Polish and I used to live there? She is treating me as if I am a Pole which is a compliment in that cold far away country, just translates poorly. And when you are really stoned - well, rusty Polish doesn't really help! Her bedside manner sucks and she is totally uncommunicative (which I was warned by an ex-patient) but so far she has gotten me further than the CRnl group. She removed a couple of polyps that she had to point out to me - across the first line there were three small lumps. She thinks this is what is hindering things. I hope she's right.

So, my dearest friends, thank you. thank you for all your messages and outrage on my behalf. I am so sorry to have played the drama queen card so recklessly and hope you will forgive me.

*(execpt the ouch fuckety fuck ouch bit - it did really hurt!!).


  1. Glad it's not as bad as it seems. I really hope this is the cycle for you! much love to you.

  2. Well...ok then. We just get our hackles up when one of our own has a bad experience. Your posse was ready to get medieval on her, we can't help it because we love and respect you too much. I am however, flabbergasted that CRnl didn't find polyps on a routine sonohysterogram (SHG). Didn't they check this? My RE requires both HSG and SGH for all patients during infertility workup.

    I wrote a post about it if anyone is interested:

    Glad to know Dr J. is taking care of you. Big hugs.

  3. Sorry I've been a bad blogger and haven't commented in a while. Wow I had surgery under general anesthesia to remove my polyps - I cannot imagine having it done in the office. Holy smokes! You are so brave, but it sounds like you didn't even have time to comprehend what Dr. J was about to do! However I'm glad they are out and you are on your way!

  4. You're making me laugh. I like that you stuck to your guns about the ouch fuckity ouch part. But hey, you don't need to back pedal on the other stuff. You know, sometimes right after an experience, you feel particularly stongly about it. You're entitled to that. We'll back you up, tear down those who offend you and you never need to apologize. But -whew - really glad it wasn't as bad as it sounded!

  5. Well - it still sounds like it sucked. Glad it looks better from today than it felt yesterday. Feel better! Love to you,