Sunday, November 1, 2009

no good deed ...

I put on my costume last night and thought - what am I? I had a long purple sparkly shift dress on and a very odd hat, purple face and "sparkle". Well, it turned out that I was a sea creature. Along with my fellow sea creatures we were attached via a long cape like thing to a women on stilts who was the head sea creature. And I had dance backwards to Brazilian music.

Now, I am by nature an introvert, I d not like crowds, dancing or making a show of myself. Why then did I agree to be in the parade. DH asked me. The parade started at 7pm We got there around 530pm. Everyone was stressing and I tried to just smile and think happy thoughts. We finally got attached to our prima donna stilts walker. The guy to my right was Brazilian and could dance his ass off. The guy to my left was a model/ ex banker with a 6 foot stunning Brazilian girlfriend! All the press swarmed around them which wouldn't have been too bad if I wasn't tethered to the good looking nightmares.

Then it started raining. pouring. I was soaked, cold, tired and had to dance to a Brazilian percussion trio dressed like Micheal Jackson. WHA????

Stilts walker took a tumble two blocks from the end (which is the beginning - don't ask) so we got to be untethered (she was fine) while she yelled at the model couple for tripping her up. HA HA HA HA

DH was in a FOUL mood (I don't like being cold and wet" well, buddy this was your frikkin idea) and by the time we got home I just wanted a shower and my bed.

I'm glad I did it even if it did suck. We have great photo's for our adoption packet!!!! I dedicate my dancing sea creature to us all, the women of IF. The shit we have to go through just to get to the starting line.


  1. Too funny! Thanks for the graphic descriptions. The shit we have to go through...xxoo

  2. Wow - that sounds like a Halloween nightmare! If it had been me I would have had to pee too!

  3. Wow, what a night! I don't like being cold and wet either, and although at first I thought, mmmh, not bad being between two handsome men, I remembered that arrogance usually goes with such looks. Did they really trip up the stilts woman? Well, you had a better time last night than me - an evening with Wacky P and company. I hope you don't catch cold. Next time maybe your DH will suggest a warm beach in the Carribean. Maybe?

  4. You HAVE to post photos (if you don't want to post you, at least the stilts walker and the brazilian!

    Sorry it was cold and wet... but at least it makes a good story!