Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SIL story

to get to where my family lives we have to undergo the following 'lord of the rings' journey

We can only take a night flight and it takes off at 7pm. We at 7am. We then walk to the train station (30 mins) and then we take a two hour train journey. Once we arrive at the train station we only have another one hour in the car to reach the family homestead.

At this point I am sleep deprived, feel like crap and cold, oh so cold. We sit in my brothers house and it is dark and raining. One lamp is on. gloooooomy. But what is more amazing is that the heating is not on. I am in a down coat but shivering. My nephew is sitting next to me chattering away as he plays on my Iphone and the SIL walks in. She says hi to her son and then makes herself a cup of tea and a sandwich.

She sits down and answers a few questions from my mum (who is babysitting) and then demands that her son stops paying the game and sits by her.

At this point, she hasn't said hello or offered us any food or drink. We have been up for about 20 hours.

I smile at my nephew who is sitting on her lap but trying to get my attention

"Aren't you lovely, aren't you handsome" she says to her son "you got that from my side of the family"


Oh yes. For the rest of our trip we saw her only once. We paid for diner so naturally she attended. The whole point of the visit was to go to Bonfire Night but she decided not to come!!!

Oh its all fun and games with family, right.

Had my second L.upron shot today. Haven't had any blood work but I guess that is just how they rock at the Simpson/s clinic!! The only time they are proactive is when you don't pay!!


  1. UGH - family! I hope you at least enjoyed the rest of your vacation and indulged in the spa at your hotel. (Thank goodness you didn't stay with them!) Yay Lupron! Here we go!

  2. I'm still hung up on the fact that you were wearing a down coat and were still shivering. Brrrr. I hate being cold.

    Okay, moving on. Now you KNOW how I feel about rude sil comments. But you know what I saw when I read your recount of how she didn't acknowlege you, or offer you anything to eat or drink, how she HAD to rip her son from you and the game and then coo over him and comment how it must come from HER side of the family? I saw a very jealous and insecure woman who is afraid that if she so much as acknowledges you or treats you with common courtesy, her "secret" will be obvious that she thinks you are so much better than she is. The woman is positively green with envy. So, my friend, pack THAT into your pocket and grin an evil grin just knowing that each cruely your SIL imposes is the exact same thing as though she shouted from the rooftops, "I feel worthless as compared to EB!"

  3. Think about it this way -- what goes around comes around. I hope you got warmed up after a bit!

  4. I'm with Besty - your SIL must feel very threatened by you, perhaps because you're worldly and successful and smart as a whip. Hope you've managed to catch up on your rest and warm your bones!

  5. It's not funny...but I think you and BWUB must have the same psycho SIL. Oh gawsh. Sorry. And you travelled half way around the world for that shit? Welcome home. Welcome home. I am hangin in...seems like barely some days. Had a little issue with the mum and the disemination of information, so I haven't been blogging lately. In other words, she reads my blog(my fault) and wants the NEW info before I blog about it. Ugh.

  6. your sil sounds like a sad sad woman. it doesn't help when she is being down right rude and selfish by eating in front of you and taking her son away when he is having fun.....but the best thing to do is remember how blessed you are not to be her. ugh, sorry you had to deal with her :(