Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy way out

I'm thinking, considering, perhapping about something. It's something that I would never in a million years have contemplated a few years ago.

I am thinking about having plastic surgery.

After the c-section, my abdomen is a bit f*cked up. Since the scar opened so much and had to heal from the inside out it has caused an even worse protrusion than just being a fat ass. I have a really odd shaped belly. Unless I wear long tops, the bulging is visible and it is quite ugly. The doctor told me that it would never go back to normal but that I could reduce the effect by losing lots of weight.

Now, here's the thing. I'm considering surgery because I heard about this new procedure that is not a tummy tuck (where muscles get cut etc) which always seemed so extreme to me. Its like super aggressive liposuction. The effects are amazing and some (very few) of the costs are covered by my insurance. Most of the costs are not.

Ready for this. It will cost about $10K out of pocket. Do I have that money? No. Would I have to put it on a credit card? yes. Do I think its worth it?  outside voice "hell no, I shall exercise and eat right ..." inside voice "YES" Fast result and I would feel confident in my body again.

But then I think ... who am I?? What am I thinking? Plastic Surgery? $10K??



  1. I don't blame you one bit for considering it, EB. I would, too, I'm sure.

    Maybe going to a consult would help you know for sure whether it's for you? Get all the info re: risks and benefits and so forth and see how it sits in your gut (excuse the pun).

    If it feels right, go for it.

    If it doesn't feel right, another idea is to that money and get a personal trainer and health coach.

    I'm here to support you whatever you decide.


  2. Darling, if you want it, do it. I agree with Maddy to get the consult first and then once you are informed, make your decision. But if it will make you feel better about yourself, why not? I once dated a guy who bought his ex-wife a set of boobs. When I made a consult appointment with the same plastic surgeon, he saw the name on the calendar on my fridge and asked about it (small world - same surgeon!). I said I wanted to get my thighs sucked (lipo!). He said, "Why have something done nobody will see? Why not get your boobs done?" I dumped that jackass about a week later. (I never did get my thighs sucked, BTW, but I happen to be fine with my again size A boobs). So you do what YOU want!

  3. I would do it. I still might eventually when I'm SURE I'm done having kids. It's the best way to spend $10K in my opinion.