Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still tired and cranky

Kids are sleeping better but still waking up and crying.  WTF? I thought we'd been through this?

Anyhow, the phone issue is somewhat resolved. I asked if our number had been given out and yes, it was given out as a work number. Since it's the normal over here I wondered why we weren't asked first since that would seem like good manners. I asked for a list of companies our number is now listed with. Interestingly enough for the first time in about a year,  my credit rating has changed. Not sure why. It freaked out my financial planner enough for her to call me.

It's not that I'm just being a control freak - which I am - but that I am too damn tired to deal with any fall out from mistakes.

My 9am meeting got cancelled and instead of heading in to the office I am heading back to bed!! Lets hope I wake up less cranky.


  1. I guess some people are in the habit of giving out their work number (I stopped that practice when my gyno called me at the office years ago!), but in this case, the woman's work number happens to be someone's (yours!) work number. So yes, I think she should have asked you first if you minded.

    I think too that being tired makes things seem worse. I'm so tired these days I feel physically numb. My boy is having short periods every night where he screams/cries and flip flops all over the place in bed. I don't think he's actually awake when he does it, but I sure am!

  2. Oh poo - I meant your HOME number. You knew what I meant (see....tired).