Friday, January 7, 2011

Mission impossible

For two adults and two infants it will cost $3500.00 to Manchester UK. That is the cheapest direct flight I can get. Totally, and utterly disgusted with the airline industry. We have to buy car seats and the pushywheely thing that goes with it but thats not too expensive coz the kids have to be in car seats ... in their own seats!

However, the hotel cut us a great deal. We got an adjoining room for free. Big happy all round.

And the good fortune continues. My mother happens to live next to two .. TWO .. families with twins. They both offered to lend us anything we want. All we have to bring are the car seats and the kids. JOY UNBOUNDED

Mission impossible just got more possible.


  1. Oh my god that's expensive! You have to pay for the babies too? Sounds like you lucked out with the hotel and neighbors! Sounds like your destination is really in the middle of nowhere. This Yorkshire gal is curious! The snAp and go for the car seats are nice actually! Good luck!

  2. What a great adventure! I bet you'll be just fine, don't worry. I know I'd be all worried too, making lists and all, but really babies jsut need food and diapers, you'll have tons of help with washing and holding etc I'm sure! I'm so happy you get to bring them to see your folks.