Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bloody Kids

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. Mimi woke up at 12am and started screaming. I passied her, patted her, changed her position and nothing worked.
I picked her up, changed her nappy and noticed she was hot. The temperature in the apartment was 1000 degrees so I stripped her, cooled her with wet flannels and gave her some milk.
She slept.
For about 2 hours.
When she awoke she starting crying again and she was in no way going back to sleep thank you very much. 'Get me up, mamma' she yelled.
You can imagine the sleep training trauma I was in.
Soon Pip woke up and needed his medicine (for acid stomach) and there we have it. My crappy night of sleep.

Thankfully we had a bad snow storm yesterday so I told work that my nanny couldn't make it before midday (total lie)  so I would work from home. The moment she came through the door (at 9) I was in bed!! I am always totally grateful we can afford a nanny (who make killer meatballs and a fennel salad coz she noticed I looked tired)

On another but related note. Weight loss.  I am not getting rid of the weight. I am not working out (even when I have the chance) and I am eating too much. I don't eat crap but just too much. I am getting depressed about my body, starting to hate the bulging and bumps. The mound of arse is just disgusting. I go to weight watchers but  I haven't weighed in for weeks. What is up with me? I know what I must do, how to do it, why I ought to do it etc. Why, then,  am I not doing it???


  1. I had two breakfast bars with a glass of milk for breakfast. Not one, two. An hour later I had 2 waffles loaded with Nutella AND maple syrup. Two hours later I had 2 slices of pizza. Then a protein bar and more milk and now (not even 6 pm ET) I'm having homemade Mac & Cheese my neighbor (a gormet cook) made. I am eating about 3 times what I should be eating just to stay level - never mind to lose weight.

    When you figure out the switch, please share it with me. Because I desperately NEED to get on a different path, and quick!

  2. Honey, cut yourself a break! At least til the kids are sleeping properly, (6+hours straight) you have a pass. Just keep eating the "right" foods, it will all be ok. I know the desire to get back to pre-preg weight but esp with twins you have to take it easy. Once you're getting real nights of sleep (not just one) you can tackle this big ol hurdle!

  3. Why you're not doing it is because you are sleep deprived, have two babies to care for and a full time job! I want to know WHO could possible squeeze in gym and diet? It takes time, energy and focus to get to the gym regularly and think about what and when to eat. You, SuperMum, are too good a mom to spend your free time on yourself. Not saying you don't deserve it - you do! - and one day you'll have the time again. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

  4. Having two that cry and want mommie at the same time is really freaking hard (I know). Take each day an hour at a time. Try to catch sleep when you can (there are plenty of times I sleep sitting up while pumping). As for the weight loss, those kiddos are probably all the exercise you need, maybe just make 1 good choice per day. (I will chew some minty gum instead of grabbing that cinnamon roll.) Useless assvice? Maybe.

  5. Oh, I'm with you on everything here. Mine are sleep trained now, but have started waking up twice nightly, at different times. We don't get much sleep around here. AND - I'm big as a house. I'm stuck at 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, which is about 25-30lbs over my ideal weight. I can't stop eating and I can't figure out how to fit the gym into my schedule. It's horrible. I just started watching what I put in my piehole like 2 days ago. It's damn hard when you are stressed and don't really have the time to eat right and work out. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are over 40, work full time and HAVE TWINS!!! Try to remember that and give yourself some perspective. xxoo