Monday, January 10, 2011

All thru the night

Yes, we made it. 5 months (almost) and both the kids slept through the night from 5pm to 6am. OK, there was one little wake up after Mimi threw herself at top speed from one side of the crib to the other, bum first! Apart from that, they were quiet all night.  To be honest, they could have cried and I didn't wake up (yes, I know, not a strong candidate for  Mother of the Year). How do I think this? Well, the cat puked on the bed and I didn't hear that so...!

They are both very happy little ones this morning so I think they survived my mistreatment for another night.

I'm still under the weather although not really sick, sick, if you know what I mean. The wonderful thing is I get to rest today since the nanny is here. Total luxury but ohhhhh I am so enjoying myself. On the bed, two sleepy cats, radio and newspapers and I may even push it and get a cup of tea. BLISS!!
The odd thing is, ever since getting sick I smell baby poo everywhere. Yeah. Really not nice. I feel like that little actor dude "I see dead people" only in my film it would be "I smell poo,  people!"


  1. Fantastic! What a great job you're doing! We have one or two wake ups per night now, but the naps are getting better (phew!) Keep up the good work mama!

  2. 5 PM to 6 AM?! OMFG!!! What I would do for that!!! My little lady prefers to sleep LONG hours during the day but at night, nope! Ugh! I'm trying to do sleep training, but it's tough.

  3. You ARE MOTY (mother of the year) for getting those babies to sleep through the night! Wow. Sorry you're feeling under the weather and have the scent of poo stuck in your nose. Weird maternal things, I guess. Couldn't have been the smell of freshly shampooed baby hair, right? Kick the DH in the pants and I hope you feel better soon.