Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cranky and annoyed

After a day trip to San Francisco from New York for work and no sleep for two nights due to  babies that seem to regressing on the night sleep thing I am a little cranky today.
Not helped by the fact that I just answered the phone and it was for our nanny. Giving my phone number out to family I understand but this was a call from what a bank or something (they said it was an "urgent matter"). I am so annoyed. Why do people always have to take the piss. I am very good employer. I make every effort to be respectful -  financially, socially and personally. I made it clear that this is more than a baby sitting gig and it reimbursed accordingly. I clearly need to cool off before speaking with her.

How best to approach this? What would you do?


  1. clearly you know what to do.

    1. cool off.
    2. address her calmly, professionally, and respectfully.

    Just make sure you address it quickly or it will fester...

  2. Maybe the bank asked for the number of her employer? In which case it seems you are both on the same page.

  3. Calming thoughts sent your way. Hope you are able to catch up on sleep after the disturbance! I'm betting this will seem like a smaller problem to you once you have "slept on it". Not to belittle it or anything!

    It seems like most people around here get calls at work regarding bank stuff and dr appts etc, so maybe she thought that was ok. If you don't want her to receive calls at your home you do need to tell her after you've cooled off - cuz my impression was that you really like the nanny (except for this)? Good luck hon, thinking of you.

  4. In these types of situations I do try to "seek first to understand, then to be understood". Perhaps there was a legitimate reason she used your number, perhaps not, but you won't know until you ask what prompted her to give it out. It's only then that you know which tact to take in addressing your concern with her (and maybe you won't have one after you've heard from her).