Saturday, January 22, 2011


I did get some sleep,  I slept in till 9.30am (OK,  I went to bed at 6am but that is 3.30 hours uninterrupted)! Pip is sleeping through the night and Mimi is still rolling. ANY ideas most welcome. She rolls over and freaks out. If I pop in her passie and roll her onto her front then she returns to sleep almost at once. However she's rolling over about 5 times a night.

OK, onto .... Our Firsts.
Class: We went to our very first music class and it was amazing. I loved it. We played and danced and made music together. Pip was smiling and totally into it until near the end when he fell asleep in my arms. Mimi wanted to be with the big kids so much. She gazed longingly over to the big girls messing about in the corner. As usual they were both very smiley and sweet. I swear Pip flirted with the teacher!!

Ergo success. Until now, ergo has been a no-no with my kids. Today I finally got Pip to accept riding along in it. It was glorious. We went in a taxi downtown and shopped, walked and shopped some more. I felt so free and happy just trundling around with my kiddo. DH and daughter stayed behind because her sleep schedule is totally freakin' messed up! Pip fell asleep pretty soon into our adventure which gave me hope for our trip in April across the pond.

Going along with the ergo trip is the fact that we separated the kids for the first time. So far, they have spent every waking moment in each other's company. I bet they both enjoyed the break.

Today finished off with a bath, bottle, book (Chicken Licken original version) and then bed. I love rocking in this huge chair with two warm, clean and sleepy bundles listening to their nighttime story. For the first time, they both gave me the 'time to go to bed sign' at the same time (eye rubbing, ear pulling).

It rocks being a mum.

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  1. Love Chicken Licken!! Is that a British thing or what? Cute to
    Picture you in the chair with your darlings both being sleepy at once!