Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A few blogs I follow have asked folks to delurk and write a little about where they are, how long they been reading and something else about themselves. 
I love this idea. It would be wonderful to see who lives the furthest away from NYC and why you read this  nonsense. 

So, bloggie friends - DELURK! DELURK! DELURK! 


  1. D here ... I only semi-lurk. That is, occasionally I am sure you ~wish~ I was just a lurker. ;) "Who is this masked stranger full of assvice?"

    I am a bit less than 700 miles west (and a little bit north) of NYC. Never lived there, but have lived in Philly and DC and other points midwest. Love the midatlantic and would love to return. Wish I'd tried NYC when I was younger and less bogged down (especially since I work in advertising -- I was actually recruited to go there a few times, but unfortunately I've had to make some wicked compromises with my husband's career).

    I am an older mom ... I've had two kids since 40. Had some secondary IF starting around 38 ... narrowly escaped IVF. Got my degree in Reproductive Endocrinology from the University of Doctor Google and became part of the online IF community. After our IF Odyssey, we got a very unexpected "freebie" ... my youngest was born last May (2010)

    Love to follow older mom blogs, especially ones that don't take their family building for granted. I tend to lurk mostly for lack of time. But I go in phases with the commenting.

  2. Oh. And I've been reading since ... before your BFP sometime? I seem to recall one of the early posts that I read being around the time of a visit to Blighty ... desciptions of your SIL? Something like that?

  3. I'll delurk! Although I guess I'm not really lurking...out here in Washington State. Hope the bebes are behaving and you got a good amount of sleep!

  4. I'm delurking. I've been reading since your bfp. Love hearing about your little bundles!!
    Can u update about your acupuncture friend who recently got a bfp after IVF? I'm curious!
    Wish I could see more pics of your little blessings!!

  5. Hi Kristina - my friend is still pregnant and she is in week 8. She found out that she is having twins and is over the moon!
    thanks for delurking.

  6. I'm not lurker but I have been reading for some time. I live on the left coast, in sunny So CA. I have an almost 4 yr old son through IVF/PGD and we are in process to domestically adopt a newborn (so, if readers of this blog have adopted or are going to, feel free to pop over to my blog and let's get connected).

  7. Delurker from Australia!! I live in Hobart, Tasmania. I really wanted you to know it's not just bloggie friends in the USA that read your happenings, I am a very regular reader of your blog and I really enjoy it. I have been reading for ages not exactly sure when I first stumbled across you but very glad I did and I have been hooked ever since. Very very happy for all that has come your way and your twins sound delightful. I don't post comments as I really have no advice to offer as fas as kids are concerned as I don't have any (currently on the IVF rollercoaster!!). So there you go another lurker outed.... thanks for a fantastic blog, I was slightly concerned when it looked like you might stop blogging, I almost posted a comment!!

  8. Semi-lurker from the middle of the USA. I've been so inspired by your DE journey. Reading your blog while you were trying to get pregnant made me feel less alone. I LOVE your comments on my blog and I hope you never stop writing on this one!

  9. Just another Donor Egg Mother out here in the wilderness!! My little bundle is now 8 1/2 months old. Me DH is an eye doctor and I am the office manager and our baby has been with us EVERY day until yesterday when we finally put her in daycare. We are just heartbroken. I feel for you when you have to travel. My girls daycare is literally 2 minutes from my office and once she gets settled we will be visiting her throughout the day.

    I am 46 and believe I stumbled across you while you were cycling maybe on cyclesista?? Love reading...dont' stop.

  10. Australia calling.

    I also have DE twins a couple of months younger then yours. They are also B/G. They are 15weeks.

    Been reading for several months. Love to hear what you're doing with the twins in all aspects as 'lessons in advance'.

    It's great to know there are others out there...
    Keep up the great work kiddo!

  11. I'm mostly a lurker. I had twins when I was 43 with iui, so it's very interesting reading your story, because you are close to what I was when I had twins, and there's a different perspective than someone who was younger.

    (Hopefully I'm not making you feel old. As I told my sister a couple of years ago -- I'm not old, I have 3 year old twins)


  12. Lurker from Philly. Had a baby at 37 and another and almost 40. Wished I had a third. Had no problem conceiving but love to read about older Mom's like myself.