Sunday, January 30, 2011

PMS & kids

I have PMS. The screaming crazies. And I have baby twins. It is not a very good mix! However, this afternoon when Mimi wouldn't sleep I carried her to the rocking chair and as soon as I had sat down she sort of snook her legs under her but, lay her head on my shoulder and fell so deeply asleep. Oh man, is there anything better. It made a crappy week fade into insignificance.

I have to be nicer to my DH. When I have PMS I am such a cow to him. He gives me lots of opportunity, don't get me wrong, but he is trying. He cleaned the bottles last night WITHOUT ME ASKING HIM TO!!!!

Question of opinion.
When my friend told crazy Dr J that she didn't want to be treated (due to the argument she had over finances with her practice) they billed her credit card $4K without notifying her. Does she have any grounds for contesting??


  1. That is the worst, first pms with kids! But there is nothing better than babies napping on your chest. That was how my DH really "connected" with D at first, they'd nap together (SO cute)

    I certainly hope your friend has recourse - sound bogus to me! But I have no legal idea.

  2. Just depends on what she signed. I work in a doctors office. There are forms that she may have signed ahead of time authorizing them to make the charge at a certain time in her cycle. I never like forms like that and personally I don't like automatic drafts on my checking account or credit card account. If she did not sign such a document, then she can call her credit card company and put a hold on the charge and dispute it.