Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleep training ....Doh!

My ma gave some great advice when I was pregnant and worried about not knowing what to do with the kids. She said "Trust your kids. In the beginning, before we screw you up, kids are great teachers"

At least she's honest, about the screwing up bit I mean.

Anyway, I digress. Last night Mimi started her circus tumbling act again. Coincidentally it was whilst I was reading online assvice about how to deal with the rolling issue.  I turned her, stuck the passie in and went back to bed. A few moments later she started screaming. Seems she was frustrated with her idiot mum. I went back in, popped the passie in but didn't turn her and let her lay there. "You have to do this yourself, sweetie" I mumbled. She giggled and rolled on her side against the crib wall (which by the way is totally cute, the little bum leading half roll)

I went back to bed expecting fireworks.


Was that noise?? No. What about that?? no.

I fell asleep. So did Mimi. She wanted me to know she prefers sleeping on her side!

She slept until 4am when the cold woke her up. I wrapped her in a blanket, sat in the rocking chair and gave her some warm milk. She deserved a thank you!

I just put her down for her nap on her side and viola! asleep in seconds.

Thanks Mimi. Sorry I am such a slow learner. I shall try harder next time.

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  1. So sweet - little babe on her side. I guess we grown ups have to learn to listen to what our babies are trying to tell us. My guy rolled on his belly as soon as he was able and has slept that way ever since. Now the problem is creeping forward until he bumps his head in the rails!

    BTW, the music class sounds great and how very grown up of Pip to decide he was okay with the ergo!