Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning Bliss

This morning Pip & Mimi woke up early. Partly this was due to Mimi's Circ.que de So.leil routine she performs in her crib and partly because I think yesterday was a little messed up. Anyhoo...

We were all up by 6am, fed, bathed and plonked in front of Baby Einstein TV (yes, I babysit my kids with the electronic beast - do stop interrupting) when I noticed they were very content. Pip laughs a lot at the kids in the DVD and bounces in rhythm which I adore. Mimi kind of glazes over and starts nodding out.
I was on the couch with a lovely cup of very expensive Jamaican Blue coffee and outside it was really quiet and white (big snow fall).  I was so frikkin' content I was almost purring.

The natives only get 10 - 15 mins of TV so I turned their chairs to face each other and we played make each other laugh games,  all while I happily sipped my sweet, smooth nectar of the mountain. There is something impossible to describe about how I feel when we play the make each other laugh game. Two small babies cracking each other up is just .... bliss. Mimi opens her mouth in the biggest smile possible and chuckles while Pip grins a humongous smile and giggles hysterically.

Here's my thought for the day. Never, ever name your kid after an emotion. I know three people unlucky to have names dictate their lives...
Happy .... miserable fecker that moaned at me for over an hour today
Hope - despair follows in her wake like a cloak and I had to clean up her mess with clients today
Joy - I do not know if she has the ability to smile.

All three suck. And I am going home early to play 'lets laugh' with my kids.


  1. Glad I don't have to live up to a name that is a label! Sounds like you had a wonderful morning, glad you had that time with the babes!

  2. too funny the bit about naming your kid after an emotion! I've actually never had an 'emotion' name in my list of names that I've wanted to use (oh, and I'm not offended since my real name isn't Hope, but rather a perhaps misguided attempt at getting some ;-) ) So fun to hear about Mimi and Pip and their giggles!

  3. Great image: you, coffee, quiet snow, kids and smiles. Love it.

    I actually worked with a gal named "Smiley" - and she wasn't. I also went to university with a woman named "Sugar" and I thought that must be pretty embarrassing as an adult.