Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too tired to sleep

I finally fell asleep in a meeting today. I have been threatening to do this but have managed to hold off the actual offense until today. It was a bone numbingly boring meeting and I just couldn't do it. I started by nodding out. You know the one. The nod and scoop. Did I stop there? Ohhh no. I could not keep my eyes open and I think at one point I may have been snoring.

However, come tonight I will lay in bed and wonder why I can't sleep just like the rest of the week. I get to bed around 10 and lay awake till midnight. Then at 2am Mimi will yell for me and again at 4. At 5.45 Pip will be screaming needing his medicine. Unless they both sleep thru the night I will wake up in a panic at 5am and run into their room!

I am so frikkin tired. So bone tired. I asked DH to let me sleep in. He protested ("I can't ... two kids ...etc ). I hope he girds his loins coz tomorrow .... I am sleeping in. 


  1. Urgh!!! I really hope you get a lie in. Sleep meds?

  2. Oh yeah, I know bone tired. Sometimes I'm so tired I feel like I could puke. But I think you've got me beat - I never fell asleep at work. Gird those loins, Mr. B!